My Nephew Just Got an MLB Record

Matthew eating Yankees ice cream

My nephew Matthew is a huge baseball fan. I don’t just mean he loves rooting for the Yankees (smart kid), but he lives, breathes, and if he could, would eat baseball. Matthew’s head is pretty much like an Encylopedia Baseballtanica. Just full of facts and figures about ball players you’ve never even heard of. For […]

We’re Getting a Red Robin! Yummmmmmmmmm!

Red Robin

So Allie texted me this photo earlier today. (Can you “text” a photo? What’s the proper verbage here? Anyone?) She was out shopping at the local Palisades Mall (a.k.a. The “Ugly Mall”) and saw this sign. I’ve only eaten at Red Robin a handful of times but I’ve loved it every single time. Really good burgers, […]

Edible Chanukah House Giveaway (Ends 12/2)

Chanukah House

Being Jewish has its advantages. I mean, how much fun is getting presents for eight straight nights? On the flip side, we don’t get to decorate Christmas trees, hang lights outside our house, kiss under the misletoe, or yes, even decorate Gingerbread Houses. Sure we could do any of those, but they’re all pretty much […]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Giveaway (Ends 12/10)

The Third Wheel

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve heard of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series from Jeff Kinney. There’ve been seven books in the series so far, along with a handful of live-action movies. The series tells the story of Greg Heffley, who’s just an average kid trying to make his way through […]

Lawyers, Shakespeare, and the Sixth Grade

Shakespeare books

Lawyers. If we listened to Shakespeare, we’d all be solving our issues with fists. While I certainly agree with The Bard’s intent (a lot of sharky, evil lawyers are ruining it for everyone), these days you can’t blame all the lawyers. People need to stop being so sue-happy is all. I never went to law […]

R.I.P. Marc Wilkofsky


So this morning I woke up to find out that an old co-worker of mine had passed away. My first job right out of college was working as a copy editor for Wizard Entertainment. I got to write, edit, and proofread articles about comic books. Pretty cool job. Besides the perks of free comics, one […]

Thanksgiving Recap – Now 100% Fat Free


The turkey’s long since eaten and mostly digested by now. I think I can finally move. I realize now that this is why we have a four-day weekend during Thanksgiving. Every year we go to Allie’s sister’s house in New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving. Debbie and Steve never fail to host a fantastic day filled […]

All I Want for Chanukah is the Tesseract


On this blackest of Black Fridays, as people claw and jostle their way through crowded stores to save a few bucks, I sit comfortably in my nice warm house just shopping online. I’ve never gone out for Black Friday and probably never will. The sales never look that insane to me that it warrants almost […]