Guest Post – Tech Initiatives for Children

One Laptop

Today’s a landmark day here at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. You’re about to read the very first guest post on here! Oliver pitched me an article that certainly caught my attention: Getting kids into technology. I’ve written about my son being a keynote speaker at MIT for his programming project, as well as various […]

Window Shopping for Gorgeous Necklaces at

Dragonfly Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, my wife is pretty particular. Though, I have to imagine most women are. In general, though, Allie doesn’t wear earrings much (she used to and will on special occasions, she loathes bracelets, but she absolutely adores necklaces. The nice part about her necklace infatuation is that she loves all kinds. Sure […]

My 7 Year Old Crushed Me in Halo

Halo 3

All you athletic dads out there will feel my pain. The pain of a father watching his two boys grow up so fast right before his eyes. When your son finally beats you in one-on-one basketball (and you’re really trying), that’s when you know you’ve hit a special moment in your relationship. Now, I’m not […]

Blog Spotlight: Meet Drew from

Drew from Ben Spark

I have never met Drew Bennett in person. We had a few opportunities at various conferences but never could quite get the timing down. I have a feeling we’d hit it off pretty well. We not only share the same first name, but so do our wives. (No, our wives are not called Andrew. They’re […]

Sound Off At Your Friends With the Listen Up! App

Listen Up icon

I’m a big fan of word games. Scrabble’s okay but I mean word games you play with a group of people. Something like Taboo (where you describe a word but can’t say certain keywords) or even Pictionary (where you can’t speak, only draw clues to a word). Since I’ve gotten an iPhone, I’ve played tons […]

A Blog Hop From Out of This World: My Favorite Martian is…


Recently, my blogging partner in geekiness Natasha invited me to participate in a fun-sounding blog hop. The My Favorite Martian Blog Hop is just a way for bloggers to write about their favorite science-fiction aliens. Despite the Hop’s name, the character doesn’t actually have to be from Mars. Hosted by The Geek Twins, and co-hosted by Just a […]

Win a Super Mega Wholly Guacamole Prize Pack (Ends 1/27)

Wholly Guacamole

The stage is finally set. And while my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers won’t be attending Super Bowl XLVII (unless they bought tickets), I’m still pumped. February 2, 2013 sees the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens. Now I’m usually an AFC guy, but as a Steelers fan, the Ravens are arch rivals. But I […]

Blog Spotlight: Alison from Being Alison

Alison Wright

Alison (that’d be the star of Being Alison)  is one of the happiest, most smiling-est bloggers I’ve gotten to know over the past year. She is the poster child for the helpful blogger. Whether it’s a simple question about blogging, a technical snafu you’re completely clueless about, or help spreading the word, Alison is your […]

Win a $75 Amazon Gift Card (Ends 2/5)

Amazon $75 Gift Card

If you haven’t heard of by now, you probably just bought your very first computer. Congrats, by the way! I’ve been using Amazon for years. While I know they don’t have the cheapest prices, I do generally go there first to make my online purchases. I run, a coupons and deals site that […]

Homemade Mini Black and White Cookies Rock!

Mini Black and Whites

If they’re good enough for Jerry Seinfeld, they’re good enough for you. Yes, the black and white, only the most tastastic cookie around. Personally, I love the black and white. I’m an equal opportunist. My wife just likes the vanilla so I often find myself eating simply chocolate halves. Allie’s been on a cookie kick […]

What Information Is Needed With Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

X-ray of a Brain

The following is a sponsored post about filing claims for head and brain injuries. I was compensated for this article. Successfully filing brain injury compensation claims means providing the courts with certain, specific information to help them first of all decide whether negligence or fault can be proven and also the level of compensation that […]

Win a Nerf Nightvision Camcorder ($89.99) – Ends 2/3


When I was a kid, the only Nerf products we had were a football and basketball. As I got older, I got to know the Nerf golf and ping pong sets, and they were truly awesome. Nowadays, though, there’s an arsenal of Nerf products guarding the aisles of your local toy store. But besides all […]