Attending My 16-Year-Old Nephew’s Book Signing


This weekend was a pretty darn good one. Gorgeous weather. The Yanks crushed the Red Sox 14-4. Marvel’s DareDevil came out on Netflix. Oh, and I attended a book signing for my 16-year-old nephew Matthew. Yep, I’ve written about Matthew’s book Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers: An Introduction to Baseball History before. A huge baseball […]

5 Shocking Things I Learned on My Trip to England


I recently spent three long weeks in England training for a new job.  I hung out with all sorts of different folks in the UK, traveling from Stafford to London to Manchester. Sure the accents changed a bit, but the overall warm, friendly personalities pervaded throughout. There were a number of key things, however, that took me by […]

When it Comes to the Yankees, I’m a Total Fanatic


Winter. It’s cold, depressing and long. Especially for a sports fan like me. See, I’m a big football fan and when the Super Bowl finally hits, it’s always bittersweet. It’s a great day full of food, friends, family and well, obviously, football. But the day after ? Well, that’s when it really sinks in. No […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Giveaway (Ends 4/16)


Eggs! Eggs it is!!!! If those phrases don’t send shivers up your spine, then you weren’t obsessed with Bass and Rankin’s animated The Hobbit movie from 1977. I must have watched that cartoon a million zillion times as a kid. Such a great story, great animation and clearly an emotional one as I’m still totally freaked out […]

The 5 Best Time Travel Tales on Netflix


I’ve shared my thoughts on Daylight Savings Time with you guys recently. Oddly enough, I flew out to England at the beginning of March, right during DST. Luckily for me, England hadn’t changed its clocks yet, which meant there was only a 4-hour difference back home. This weekend, the UK pushes its clocks an hour […]

My Insanely Epic Quest for Iron Maiden’s Trooper Beer Has Ended

Iron Maiden Beer

I’m a trooper. That’s about the most perfect word to describe my day-long adventure yesterday here in Stafford, England. I’ve written about Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer before and have been waiting forever for it to cross the waters and march its way onto American store shelves. But alas, I still hadn’t found it. As luck […]