Where Did That Lost Hour From Daylight Saving Time Go?

Fozzie Bear #MuppetsMostWantedEvent

Sleep. It’s one of the most precious commodities in the world. I’ll admit it, I love to sleep. In my high school and college days, I don’t think I ever saw daylight before 11:30 am on the weekends. Yet there are two natural predators of the precious sleep cycle: children and Daylight Saving Time. And […]

The 10 Worst Things About Having a Cold


I just got back from an amazing blogging adventure out in sunny Los Angeles. It was a beautiful 80 degrees the entire time and I may’ve even broken a sweat once or twice. Apologies to my friends trapped under 75 feet of snow in New England right now. Anyways, I quickly came back to NY […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Smoking


Another year is almost behind us. And that means it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions again. I generally don’t make any, but if I did, I’m pretty sure this year’s would revolve around exercising loads more. Tons of people take this opportunity to either resolve to lose weight or stop smoking. I’ve never smoked […]

This Dad Can’t Take Another Sick Day

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Last year, I got hit by a truck. Well, no, not literally. That would be bad. Like really bad! But it sure felt like I got hit by one. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I caught the flu. It knocked me for a pretty big loop and I ended […]

Taking Active Steps for Early Detection


  Breast cancer is a disease that affects many women of all ages. Although the majority of the population is aware of the significance of breast cancer, many women overlook the fact that every year the rate of breast cancer reports in the U.S. has increased. Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop […]

Myth Busting the Flu Vaccine

Minute Clinic flu shots

Last year, I caught a really bad cold in the winter. I was achy, stuffy, feverish, you name it. I worked from home a few times and even took a day or two off. Did my wife sympathize? Sure, for about a day. Then she rolled her eyes and continued repeating that men are basically […]

Things That Make This Dad Smile

Yankees Game

Being a dad is one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life. And that’s coming from a guy who won his Little League Championship in his final year (Go, Twins!), once had dinner with Mark “Luke Skywalker’ Hamill in beautiful San Diego, and came in 3rd place in a work-sponsored sushi-eating contest. Yeah, […]

Childproofing the House Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Dorel_play yard safety barrier

This post was submitted and made in collaboration with Dorel. Whether or not you have’ve a baby before, expecting a child is always a thrilling experience. From the moment the mum shows signs of pregnancy to finally seeing results of your first ultrasound, you’ll be sure to experience great happiness over the wonderful news. However, […]

Put the Phone Down and Decide to Drive

Decide to Drive

I work in Manhattan and you could say it’s just a “little” bit crowded on any given day. Just heading from the train stop to my office can take awhile and it’s not because it’s a long walk. It’s not. It’s only four short blocks. No, what takes forever is the fact that the sidewalks […]