Bonding With Children Over Television

Kids watching TV

This featured post was brought to you by Sam Peters While you can find hundreds of articles online telling you how you should cut back the amount of time your child watches television, that doesn’t mean that you should just sell your TV and ban the airwaves forever. Instead, find ways to make television watching […]

Free Russell Madness Activity Pages

Russell Madness-maze (1)

If you missed my post yesterday about the upcoming movie Russell Madness you missed three very key words: dogs vs. wrestlers!!! I’m so pumped for this movie, I can’t wait. I’m only hoping the little wrasslin’ pup gets to don a full luchadore mask and do a variety of crazy flips and leaps in the ring! The […]

Distract Your Children from Ruining Your Home with Disney Films


This post was written by More Than Children are known for creating a mess within the home, especially during school holidays and weekends. From the moment they open their eyes until they close them again, there is normally havoc being created – but that’s why we love them, right? Unfortunately for most parents, having children […]

You Don’t Need to be a Genius to Love Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Peabody and Sherman

I’m normally not a fan of Hollywood giving classic cartoons an upgrade. Generally they’re turned into some live-action comedic attempt that fails epically. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Yogi Bear. But sometimes, a studio gets it right. I just watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman with the family this weekend and my super short review is […]

My Boys are Official Nintendo Kid Reviewers


I’ve said it before and will obviously say it again. Blogging certainly has its privileges. Sure there are giveaways to host, products to review and of course plenty of sponsored posts to help pay the bills. But when you really truly connect with a company that you already love, it’s pretty darn magical. I’ve always […]

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Free Coloring and Activity Pages


Dragons have always gotten a bad rap. Maybe it’s all the fire breathing, village destroying and people eating they do. Yeah, could be. But not all dragons are bad, as we learned in DreamWork’s amazing animated film How to Train Your Dragon. Such a great film that my whole family enjoyed and watched multiple times. […]

Surviving the Back-to-School Season with Your Sanity Intact

Back to school

I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. They’re back. Homework, teachers and dirty looks. Yes, Back-to-School season has fully kicked into high gear. It seems like only yesterday I was heading into Kindergarten myself. I don’t remember much of those […]

The Force is Strong in These Star Wars Crocs

Star Wars Crocs

When I was a kid, we didn’t have much choice when it came to buying shoes. I didn’t get any characters or flashing lights on my sneakers. Uh uh. The biggest choice I had was whether to go with blue or red stripes. These days, however, forget about it. Kids footwear features every character you […]

Free Rio 2 Coloring Pages


I haven’t seen Rio 2 yet, but my review copy is coming soon. Can’t wait to watch this one with the whole family, since we loved the first one so much. Rio 2 comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on July 15! But that’s like soooo far away, right? There are plenty of hot, sweaty, […]