Finding Peace With Captain America Civil War


What’s so civil about war anyway? Absolutely nothing if you ask Guns n’ Roses or two former avenging friends Iron Man and Captain America. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are currently duking it out on the big screen in the mega-fantastic film Captain America: Civil War. (Super short spoiler-free review: It’s AWESOME!!!!) Why do two […]

Marvel’s First Doctor Strange Trailer Materializes on the Web

Doctor Strange poster

It’s weird. It’s mysterious. It’s spiritual. It’s metaphysical. It’s… well… it’s strange for sure. Yep, the very first trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange has hit the Internet and it’s every bit as amazing looking as I expected. You get to see the arrogant Stephen Strange go from successful surgeon to completely lost after a near fatal […]

Free Finding Dory Color and Activity Sheets

#FindingDory #HaveYouSeenHer

Summer may seem so far away, but before we know it, June will be here! And with it comes a movie you will never forget! The main character on the other hand can barely remember her name. A sequel to the awesome underwater adventure known as Finding Nemo is finally surfacing! On June 17, Disney […]

Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD/Blu-ray After Cashback

Free Star Wars DVD

“It’s true. All of it.” Okay, so maybe Han Solo was speaking about some mystical energy out there in the universe but it holds true for this here amazing freebie offer! Thanks to a special promotion with, all new members can get a Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD/Blu-ray combo after cashback! I know, I know. It […]

The Force Has Finally Arrived in My House

#StarWars #Hasbro

Star Wars Day comes early this year! May 4 (May the Fourth Be With You!) is usually the day all Star Wars fans let their Force Flag fly! But today, April 5 is a true Star Wars day because Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD! Yes indeed, […]

Win Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip on Blu-ray


Normally when you’re on a Road Trip, you need to watch out for small animals on the road. Thing is, “on the road” is supposed to mean the little critters are scampering across the asphalt desperately avoiding your tires. Not this time. In Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Trip, everyone’s favorite singing rodents are […]

Free Alvin and The Chipmunks Coloring and Activity Pages


Alllllllllllllllvvviiiiiiiiiin! Yep, I remember hearing that all the time when I was a kid. It seems the Chipmunks have been around forever! I used to watch the really old cartoons when I was a kid, as well as the newer Saturday morning series. There was just something lovable about that trio of singing chipmunks, y’know? […]

Free Zootopia Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets


What the Harry Potter films did for the world of magic, Zootopia is sure to do for the world of animals. Disney’s surefire next hit, hitting theaters on March 4, Zootopia looks to be an adorably, action-packed, hilarious animated adventure. Just check out this clip of rookie Officer Judy Hopps heading into Zootopia for the first […]

Win The Peanuts Movie Limited Edition DVD Gift Set


I have always loved Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts. As a kid I must’ve read and re-read dozens upon dozens of paperbacks, collecting the regular comic strips. Some of my favorites were the really early ones, back when the strip was called Li’l Folks. But I really loved each and every character and subsequent new strip. Snoopy, […]

Free Land Before Time Coloring and Activity Sheets


The dinosaurs are back! Yes, the classic world of Land Before Time is back again with another exciting tale of friendship and bravery. Inspired by the original 1988 classic film, the new The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave is now on DVD available exclusively  at Walmart. In this exciting and heartwarming adventure, young […]

Win Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 on DVD


I love noodles. I also love kung-fu but have never taken a single class before. So with those huge credentials, I’m pretty sure Po and I have a lot in common. (No jokes about our bellies, please.) Jack Black brought a lovable panda to life in DreamWorks’ hilariously entertaining Kung Fu Panda series. An all-new […]

The Correct Order for Viewing All the Star Wars Movies


I can’t believe we’re less than one week from a new Star Wars movie! GAH! I am absolutely loving the Star Wars references anywhere and everywhere I look. The Sunday comics. Clothes. Toys. Cereal. Even car commercials are getting in on it! Yet the one thing that’s really starting to overtake my Facebook feed of […]