Win The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray/DVD Combo

Secret Life of Pets

It’s no secret that I love pets, especially dogs. (Sorry all you cat lovers!) And like most pet owners, I always used to have conversations with my dog and picture the crazy adventures he’d go on during the day while I was off at school. That’s why Universal Pictures’ The Secret Life of Pets was […]

Netflix is the Cat’s Meow


As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I’m helping them celebrate pets this month! You know, all those furry little critters that put a smile on your face and warmth around your heart. Say it with me, everybody… Awwwwwwwwwww. Now, I’m most definitely a dog person. I grew up with dogs and just love their insane […]

The Fluffiest Meet & Greet Ever #SuperBuddies

super buddies movie

After a press trip there is one question that always comes up: “Were you star struck?” This time my answer is a resounding YES…but the star I fell in love with may surprise you. It was a gorgeous day at the Disney Studios, snacking on muffins and coffee as we waited. Little did I know […]

Doggone It! Apparently We’re Getting a Samoyed.


Look at that puppy! Just look!!! Yeah, he’s pretty darn cute. And no, he’s not ours. But he’s a Samoyed breed, and apparently, that’s the kind of dog we’re getting. I say this based not on facts, but based on my wife’s Instant Message from yesterday: We are getting a samoyed. They are hypoallergenic. They […]