The Happy Birthday Captain America Giveaway


Independence Day. It’s not just a great cheesy movie from yesteryear. It also happens to be the day us Americans celebrate our Independence by shooting off fireworks and eating tons of hot dogs. Ya gotta love the Fourth of July. And this year, well, this year also marks a very special anniversary. See, a certain […]

8 Ways Batman Could Kick Superman’s Kryptonian Keester

Batman v Superman Kotobukiya

Superman’s one of the most powerful characters around. And for that very reason, I’ve never liked him. I mean, seriously? Super strength. Flight. Super speed. X-Ray vision. Heat Vision. Invulnerability. And that’s not even counting the ridiculously stupid powers he’s had over the years like Super Freeze Breath, a Super Kiss or even Super Hypnosis. How can you […]

It’s Take Your Action Figure to Work Day


Every day seems to be a holiday here in the United States. National Bacon Eating Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day. Fit Your Fist In Your Mouth Day. It just never seems to end. Usually I pay no attention to these crazy made-up holidays. But March 4 is a fantabulous day. One that should actually […]

Help Me Choose the Right Star Wars Path!

#StarWars #chooselightside

I have a mission. And I need your help. Today I received a cryptic package from the Force-Friendly Folks over at Hasbro. It was a mysterious tube with one red end and another black. Both ends referred to different factions from the upcoming sure-to-be-a-monster-hit movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There’s the Resistance or the First Order. Upon […]

Win a Sonic Boom Tails’ Plane from TOMY (Ends 8/17)


While my kids are addicted to Nintendo, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our house is overflowing with Mario toys everywhere. Okay, fine, so it is. But they do like other characters as well, including that blue-furred hedgehog Sonic! We’ve got a slew of Sonic action figures and stuffed animals all around the house and when […]

Did You Know They Make Frozen Legos?

Frozen Lego Box

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, yes, now you can anytime of the year, thanks to Lego! Except now, well, now Lego is giving fans the cold shoulder. I don’t know how I missed this before but you can now buy Frozen Legos. Okay, okay. Just funning with ya there. (Although you really […]

I Finally Believe The Family Circus is Cool

Family Circus #StarWars

Since I was a kid, I’ve never really liked Bil Keane’s Family Circus. I thought it was cute at best but really was a three-trick pony. The same three jokes just kept being rotated over and over and over again. There’s the Jeffy running through the maze of a neighborhood. The kids blaming things on […]

Review: KNEX 2-in-1 Ferris Wheel

KNEX 2-in-1 Ferris Wheel

I love the amusement park line that K’NEX puts out. It’s just really fun to build rollercoasters, Ferris Wheels and all sorts of other dizzy-inducing rides. And the fact they all tie together to a motor, just adds to the fun. I was recently sent the K’NEX 2-in-1 Ferris Wheel to take for a test […]

Zombies are Moving In My House

Zombie Cone

My home is apparently no longer safe. Yes, it seems there are zombies on the move. And with my record of keeping plants alive for roughly 90 seconds, I think we’re in big trouble. Yes, I’m talking about Plants vs. Zombies, though in this case, luckily, it’s just some of the latest building sets from […]

I’m Building My Own Lego Simpsons Army


I love the Simpsons. And I love Lego. So even if you’re pretty poor in Math, you should be able to put an equation together that shows how much I love the Simpsons Lego figures. Legos are always going to be top notch when it comes to quality and detail in construction toys, and the new […]