Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation

NYC Buildings

Planning a vacation is a great experience for every person who is going to be a part of it. There are a wide variety of ways that you and your friends or family members can spend your time on your next vacation. The time you spend planning your vacation in advance will be worth it. […]

5 Things I Hate About Flying


I travel a fair amount for work each year. I’m regularly hopping on a plane from Newark, NJ to places like Scottsdale, Arizona. Seattle, Washington.  Orlando, Florida. Chicago, Illinois. Even out of the country to areas like Toronto or England. I enjoy flying. I’ve never been afraid of it and I actually enjoy the time […]

10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied During Long Journeys

Kids traveling

Today’s post was written by Roxanne Keeping Boredom and Tantrums at Bay Travelling doesn’t have to be a nightmare – our handy hints and tips will help you to keep your kids happy until you reach your destination. Holidays are great fun, but getting there can be a little less so. Factor in some bored […]

5 Crucial #TravelTipZzz You Can’t Live Without


I love traveling. Whether it’s by car or plane, I’m always up for a trip. Which is one of the reasons I absolutely love my new job. I’ll be going on a number of business trips around the country this year. But the coolest thing about my new job is that for my first three […]

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Destination


The following post was written by Rebecca We’ve all sat at our desks dreaming of white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas while the UK weather outside is less than desirable. So you’ve decided to make that dream a reality? There is one destination that should be at the top of your list — Mexico. There’s […]

Spending the 4th of July in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

Last week we took a mini vacation down to Williamsburg, Virginia. We went with Allie’s cousin Ivy (the same wacky group we vacationed in Niagara Falls with earlier this year) and had a blast at Busch Gardens, Water Country and Colonial Williamsburg. Despite the crazy traffic right outside Washington, D.C., (Seriously, can they do something […]

Iceland with Kids 


The following is a guest post When considering essential family holiday destinations, it’s fair to say that Iceland will not feature on many people’s top ten lists. Perhaps it should, however, for the country has something unique to offer. With its magical landscapes and unspoiled, natural scenery, Iceland makes for an interesting and untamed vacation destination: just […]

5 Shocking Things I Learned on My Trip to England


I recently spent three long weeks in England training for a new job.  I hung out with all sorts of different folks in the UK, traveling from Stafford to London to Manchester. Sure the accents changed a bit, but the overall warm, friendly personalities pervaded throughout. There were a number of key things, however, that took me by […]

Taking to the Black Sea


This article provided by Thomson If you’ve always wanted to explore Eastern Europe, it’s time to check off a few bucket list cities in one fell swoop. Sea cruises offer an unrivaled chance to experience an extraordinary diversity of destinations, without the fuss of transfers, checking in and packing. Most Black Sea cruises tend to […]

Christmas Fun in Santa’s Lapland with Kids


Lapland is a region that needs no introduction, as kids from around the world will know it as Santa’s official home. But it’s not just about a cheery old man with reindeer. Take a holiday to Lapland at Christmas time and discover a whole range of activities that both you and the kids will love. Visit […]

How to Survive Vacationing With Friends

Vacation with Friends

You’ve planned family vacations and romantic getaways, but what happens when you plan a trip for a group of friends or colleagues? There are a million ways to go wrong when preparing for this type of trip, but these tips will help you avoid some of the most stressful pitfalls. Match Your Companions to Your […]

Canada Road Trip, Part 3 – The Eaton Chelsea Review

Eaton Chelsea

I recently told you about our awesome family trip to Canada. If you missed it (some friend you are!), you can still go read about our road trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto. Now I want to tell you all about the amazing hotel we stayed at during our vacation in Toronto. We spent two […]

Canada Road Trip, Part 2 – Toronto Bound!

Popcorn and cotton candy. The kids are set.

If you read my previous road trip post (Niagara Falls, Here We Come), you’ll know about the long, action-packed adventure we had crossing the border into Niagara Falls. If you didn’t, go read it now so you’re all caught up. No worries, I’ll wait. Okay, all caught up now? Good! Because the fun only continues […]

Canada Road Trip, Part 1 – Niagara Falls, Here We Come

Niagara Falls Canada Rainbow

Hitting Niagara Falls is something Allie and I have been talking about doing for years, and last month, we finally got to cross that one off our bucket list. Although, we nearly got deported in the process. Joining us on our cross-border quest was Allie’s cousin Ivy and her family (that’d be husband Ira and sons […]