The Real Chicago: Guide to the Windy City


This post is brought to you by Sarah. Even though Chicago may have gained recognition as the stomping ground of infamous prohibition-era gangster Al Capone and the star of TV’s Married… with Children Al Bundy, America’s second city has a lot more to offer. Situated on Lake Michigan, Chicago is the home of blues and jazz music […]

Orbitz Really Needs to Work On Its Customer Service

Say no to Orbitz

Orbitz just lost a loyal customer. All because of $40. I’ve been using Orbitz for years. I know most travel aggregator sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia are all pretty much the same. They generally have the same tools, and more importantly, the same prices, whether it’s airfare, car rentals or hotel rooms. Even so, […]

L.A. Story

Metal Bots

I just got back from a whirlwind few days in L.A. I was out there on some not-fun personal business. For even more fun, I took the red eye flight back, leaving L.A. at 11:30 p.m. last night and arriving at JFK in New York at 7:30 a.m. Surprisingly, I made it through the entire […]

Keeping Green When Traveling with Kids


The following guest post was provided by Isabelle Guarella. Isabelle is a British-based blogger, and you can find more of her writing at Traveling with the kids can be stressful, and being eco-friendly is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you hit the road with the littles ones in tow. There are, however, […]

I Went Snowtubing for the Very First Time

Kids all bundled up

I’m not a skier. Shocking, I know. I’ve gone twice in my life and that’s more than enough. The first time I skied was back in middle school and I had an awful time. I was decent at keeping my balance but I couldn’t stop or slow down for the life of me. So I’d […]

This Galaxy Needs a Super Cool Star Wars Themed Casino in Las Vegas

Star Wars slot machine

What’s the coolest thing about Las Vegas? Yeah, those insanely ginormous casinos. All the different themed ones are just so much fun to see from a distance, as well as from inside. The New York shows off huge landmarks from the Big Apple. The Venetian actually has a canal system in the middle of its […]

Who Knew Las Vegas Could Actually Be Fun?

Las Vegas

I could use a vacation. Between the stress of juggling my freelance writing, my daddy blog, and JoeShopping, searching for a new full-time job, dealing with some legal issues, getting crazy ridiculous tax bills, and all the normal stresses of life, I could certainly use a little breather. I”m not really the beach type. For […]

Building the Single Greatest Sand Castle Ever

Point Pleasant Beach

This Labor Day weekend, we packed the whole family in the Odyssey and headed down to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ for a fun-in-the-sun getaway. Our friends have a beautiful beach house only a few blocks from the beach itself, and they were kind enough to let us stay with them. Free beach weekend with friends? […]

Our Annual Family Trip to Woodloch Pines in the Poconos Rocked As Usual

Ryan and I were set to take first place in the Go Karts!

This past weekend, my family packed up the car and headed to Hawley, Pennsylvania for a mini vacation. This marks the third year in a row that we visited Woodloch Pines with my wife’s entire family (her two sisters’ families and my in-laws). It’s basically four days of campy fun for eight adults and seven […]

Why Every Daddy Blogger Should Attend BlogHer

Blog Her 12 Booth

I really shouldn’t be writing this. It’s only going to make things harder for me as a blogger moving forward. But the biggest thing I’ve learned about bloggers is that they love to share. Heck, it’s almost impossible not to want to share actually. Bloggers, on average, are just incredibly nice people. Last weekend, I […]

London Calling

Funny British Actor Red Hat

After college, I did the proverbial backpacking-through-Europe trip with my roommate Dave. (We tried like to mad to get our other buddy Keith to join us, but he came up with every lame excuse in the book, despite leading us on all year. And no, we’re not bitter or anything.) I loved it. It was […]