Let Your Kids Rock Out Safely with Rhapsody KIDS, Plus a $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway

  I still remember the first music CD I ever purchased. It was Dokken's "Back for the Attack." And it rocked. (Still does!) Going back even further, though, the very first album I ever purchased in my life (and it was on something called an "audio cassette." Go look it up, kids.) was the Police's "Synchronicity." Yeah, I was always into music as a kid and there was more than … [Read More...]


Some Jobs are Just 1 in a Hundred Million

I've had a lot of jobs in my career. Writer. Editor. Product Manager. Blogger. For the most part, they've involved me sitting at a desk and either writing or managing other people's work. As a kid, I worked as a paige in our local library for years. I spent summers doing odd jobs with my friends … [More...]


Getting Game Ready Starts in the Bathroom

Being a guy stinks. Now, don't get me wrong. I love being a guy. There's football! Video games! Sweat pants! Burping and farting are expected. Still frowned upon, but expected. So yeah, being a guy is a blast. What I mean is that most guys just stink. Literally. We sweat a lot. And for our … [More...]


Win Modern Family Season 6 DVD (Ends 10/12)

One of our favorite funny shows on TV right now is Modern Family. It's just 12 kinds of ridiculous. The really funny thing is that it's been on for six seasons so far! I feel like it just started and Cam and Mitch were introducing the entire Dunphy Family to their new adopted little daughter … [More...]