This Year’s BlogHer Conference Was Totally for the Dogs

It was my second time attending a BlogHer conference. I had a blast at the last one a few years ago in NYC and only went again this year because the show made its triumphant return to the Big Apple! As part of my Blogger Hat Trick (Part 1 was Blogger Bash, Part 3 was KidzVuz which I'll write about soon!), the middle of my blog-filled NYC trip was spent at #BlogHer15 at the Midtown Hilton in … [Read More...]


Free Ant-Man Coloring and Activity Pages

Last week, I got to see Ant-Man in New York City at a special screening hosted by none other than Ant-Man himself, Mr. Paul Rudd. My full review coming soon (Mini Spoiler: I loved it!), but if you're looking for a... ahem... "little" fun, the spiffy folks over at Marvel have put together a … [More...]


5 Crucial #TravelTipZzz You Can’t Live Without

I love traveling. Whether it's by car or plane, I'm always up for a trip. Which is one of the reasons I absolutely love my new job. I'll be going on a number of business trips around the country this year. But the coolest thing about my new job is that for my first three weeks, my company flew me … [More...]

Splatoon Screenshot

Splatoon is Amaz-ink!

Game: Splatoon Reviewer: Jason, Age 12 Someone's a little excited to play #Splatoon! #PlayNintendo A photo posted by akardon1 (@akardon1) on Jun 15, 2015 at 4:22pm PDT Overview In this game, you play as an inkling, which has 2 forms, a human form and a squid form.  In the … [More...]


From Weight Lifting to Yoga, I Am Tuna Strong

Every week, Allie and I look forward to Sundays. Sure, we've got to go to work the next day and the weekend's already more than half over, but there's a very special reason we love Sundays: Tuna Melts! For the last few months, I've been whipping us up some healthier tuna melts for lunch every … [More...]


Win The Longest Ride DVD (Ends 7/27)

The longest ride I ever took in my life was one of our trips down to Florida. I don't remember how old I was but probably around 8 or 9. It was the day before we were scheduled to start our long two-day drive down to Florida. I was at our local swimming pool (Shoutout to Germonds Park in West … [More...]