#VitaTops Wild Blueberry Muffin Tops

Finally, Some Muffin Tops to Be Proud of!

When you've made it as a reference on "Seinfeld," you know you've made it big. Anyone else remember the episode where Elaine convinces her old boss to open up a Muffin Tops shop? She, like myself, realized the absolute best part of a delectable muffin is indeed the top. Now the phrase "Muffin Top" may make most people think about body types. Sure, the tighter the jeans, the floppier the muffin … [Read More...]


Win a Lego Batman Movie Prize Pack

Everything is Awesome. Again. Yep, if you've been missing that adorable insanity from The Lego Movie, your problems are solved. This weekend sees the opening of the Lego Batman Movie and that alone is awesome. To help celebrate the release of the Lego Batman Movie, the Dark Knight's PR Team sent … [More...]

Date Night

To Counter All the Hate, Here’s 101 Things I Truly Love

There's a lot of hate going on in the world these days. I'm not going to start talking politics here at all, nor am I blindly ignoring the reasons behind all this hate. Instead, however, I'm preaching love. Love. Compassion. Caring. You can do all of that while still disagreeing with one another … [More...]

BlueSmart mia

Calling All New Parents – BlueSmart Mia Eases First-Time Frights

Before Jason was born, I never knew true terror. Sure I'd been scared plenty of times before. Up at bat in Little League with a 3-2 count and the game on the line. Taking a college final exam for a class I barely even attended. Asking Allie to marry me. Scared? Yes. But nothing, nothing will get … [More...]


So You’ve Signed Up for a New Health Plan – Now What?

I've had a number of jobs in my life ranging from editorial to project management. And every time I switched companies, the most important thing I'd tackle on the first day was to make sure I was enrolled in the company's health plan. Every plan, of course, is different. From provider to … [More...]

#berrieseverywhere bond cereal

You’ll Be Surprised How I Bond with My Kids These Days

I want to talk about bonds. No not James, not Barry and not savings. I'm talking about the bond I have with my two boys. It's a crazy cliche but it's so insanely true. Time flies when you're having fun. And while there've been plenty of ups, downs and scares, having kids is easily the most … [More...]

Scandal #StreamTeam Netflix

7 Real World Scandals Olivia Pope Could Handle

"It's handled." When you hear those two words spill out of Olivia Pope's mouth, you just know everything's going to be all right. Except this is politics. This is Washington, D.C. This is the ever-growing web of lies, deceit and... yes... scandals. ABC's Scandal starts its sixth season … [More...]

#KingofSoup steakhouse soup

The #KingofSoup Transforms Our Dining Room into a Steakhouse!

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Idahoan® Foods for  this campaign, but my opinions are my own. Like most men, I'm a big steak and potatoes kind of guy. Granted if you ask me what my favorite food is, my first response is probably, "yes." I love it all. Pizza. Sushi. Burgers. Just about … [More...]

#StreamTeam Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon’s Firefly Shines Brightest Among Sci-Fi Series

Say what you want about Joss Whedon. The guy knows how to handle an ensemble cast. You either know him from his high "stakes" TV thriller Buffy the Vampire Slayer or more recently from directing Marvel's Avengers film. But he also put together one of the greatest, but most short-lived sci-fi series … [More...]


Pokemon Sun is a Great Catch in the Pokemon Series

Reviewer: Jason, Age 13 Game: Pokemon Sun 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series and one of the ways Nintendo celebrated this event was by releasing new main series of Pokemon games: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  In this review I will be taking a look at Pokemon Sun. The … [More...]


Best Buy’s Built the Perfect Minecraft Store

Red Stone. Elder Dragons. Survival Mode. If any of these sound familiar, chances are you've got a kid who's obsessed with Minecraft. Both my boys would eat, sleep and drink Minecraft if they could. (Hmm... a Minecraft cereal would be a ton of fun, wouldn't it?). They both play it non-stop on … [More...]

Start a Blog

How to Start A Blog From Scratch

It never fails. I tell my friends about an unbelievable Disney Press Event I just got back from. Or when I show off the slick new iPad that Netflix just sent me. Or maybe I mentioned the nice side income I've earned from Mommy's Busy, Go Ask Daddy this year. From the trips to the celebrity … [More...]

Target Giveaway

Take the Quick Care Quiz for a Shot at $100 Target Gift Card

Call it Murphy's Law. Call it pure dumb luck. Or simply call it childhood. Kids just always seem to get bad ear aches over the weekend, when your doctor's not around. Here's a Quick Care Quiz for ya: Do you take him to the ER, Urgent Care or simply call a nurse? You may think it's an easy answer … [More...]

Gifts for Guys

Gear Up for Some Great Gifts For Guys

Shopping for me is pretty easy to be honest. Snag me anything with Captain America on it and I'm smiling ear to ear. Or Star Wars. Or Lego. Or yes, even the Steelers or Yankees. But not every man in your life is as easy to shop for, I'm sure. That's why I'm here to help with some unique suggestions … [More...]

#Stream Team Luke Cage

Luke Cage’s Power Man Packs a Mean Punch

Seriously, when will the Marvel Cinematic Universe get off track? Every movie has been fantastic. I love Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And the Marvel deal with Netflix has more than proven itself. Two insanely awesome seasons of Daredevil and a (no pun intended) killer season of Jessica Jones. And … [More...]

#Moana #DolbyCinema #shareAMC

Sail Yourself to a Dolby Cinema at AMC to Catch Moana Now

I went on a pretty magical journey this weekend. It involved a long trek, hordes of obstacles and terrifying monsters all around. No, I'm not talking about Black Friday shopping, but everyone else in the world may've been doing that. Instead, I braved the crowds at the AMC Garden State 16 theater in … [More...]