Free Rio 2 Coloring Pages

I haven’t seen Rio 2 yet, but my review copy is coming soon. Can’t wait to watch this one with the whole family, since we loved the first one so much. Rio 2 comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on July 15! But that’s like soooo far away, right? There are plenty of hot, sweaty, […]

Face Your Childhood Fears With the Interactive Storybook Laura’s Star and the Dream-Monsters

I recently told you guys about Laura’s Journey to the Stars. It’s an incredibly cute and sweet storybook app that tells an imaginative tale in a truly interactive and engaging way. Well, now I’m back to tell you about the follow-up story Laura’s Star and the Dream-Monsters! The same wonderful features from the first edition […]

Things That Make This Dad Smile

Being a dad is one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life. And that’s coming from a guy who won his Little League Championship in his final year (Go, Twins!), once had dinner with Mark “Luke Skywalker’ Hamill in beautiful San Diego, and came in 3rd place in a work-sponsored sushi-eating contest. Yeah, […]