My 10-Year-Old Takes Up Arms and Reviews Clash Royale

clash royale

I’ve written about SuperCell’s awesome Clash of Clans app before. It’s a lot of fun and something I was able to play with my kids and their friends! Recently, when my 10-year-old son Ryan started playing SuperCell’s newest game Clash Royale, he was so excited that I had to try it.  And I was hooked. Just […]

The Butterball Cookbook Plus App is Delicious!

Butterball cookbook app

All righty. It’s time to talk turkey! No, really. I’m talking about turkey. I know Thanksgiving’s over and you’ve hopefully finished up all your leftovers by now. But turkey’s great all year round. Heck, I probably have a turkey sandwich for lunch 4 or 5 times a week! And of course, there’s always room for […]

Preschool Learning Goes Hi-Tech with 123 Tracing

Learn to trace 123

I can’t draw. Like, at all. Even my stick figures laugh at me. So yeah, if you ever join me in a game of Pictionary, make sure you’re not on my team. The one thing I could do when I was a kid, though, was to trace. I’d constantly have my mom pick up some […]

Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card from the HomeTeam Crew (Ends 3/9)

App Store $25 Gift Card

Recently, I told you all about the awesome sports team-organizing app HomeTeam. It’s an awesome app that lets you completely manage all the different sports teams that you or kids are on. You can list parents and coaches’ contact information, practice schedules, full team rosters, photos and more. If your kids are on even one […]

Draw Something, Guess Nothing


Like most people, my family goes in and out when it comes to apps. We’ve had vicious rounds of Words With Friends and really got into Draw Something. The kids even get in on the fun and play against me and Allie on their iTouches. And then there’s my dad. He plays with all of […]

Sound Off At Your Friends With the Listen Up! App

Listen Up icon

I’m a big fan of word games. Scrabble’s okay but I mean word games you play with a group of people. Something like Taboo (where you describe a word but can’t say certain keywords) or even Pictionary (where you can’t speak, only draw clues to a word). Since I’ve gotten an iPhone, I’ve played tons […]

My Son the Movie Director!


My kids recently discovered the iMovie app. While I don’t have an iPad (yet!), the app does work on an iPhone. What does it do? Basically it’s a movie app that easily lets you create movies with effects, or for more fun, create short movie trailers. Jason and Ryan have been having a blast, to […]

Scrabble Meets Math In the Super Fun iPhone App GoSum

Math app for iPhone

In college I was really torn about what direction to go in. Most people are either left brained or right brained. They’re either analytic or creative. Me? I’m both. I was seriously not sure whether to go for an English degree or a Math one. I loved solving math problems (big fan of puzzles), but I’ve also […]