5 Crucial #TravelTipZzz You Can’t Live Without


I so guessed wrong weather wise on my trip to England.

I love traveling. Whether it’s by car or plane, I’m always up for a trip. Which is one of the reasons I absolutely love my new job. I’ll be going on a number of business trips around the country this year.

But the coolest thing about my new job is that for my first three weeks, my company flew me out to England to meet the entire UK team and get trained in how the company runs. I learned a ton on that trip, and not just about my new company.

I learned how to be a much better packer!

Allie and I are planning a number of trips with the kids this summer. We drove down to Colonial Williamsburg earlier this month and we’re hopefully spending a weekend at the Jersey Shore later in the summer.

When the kids were infants, it was a nightmare to pack. I think we brought an entire suitcase full of just diapers and wipes! Plus all the toys, books, clothes, back-up clothes, back-up clothes to the back-up clothes, and that Rubik’s Cube of a crib known as the Pack-N-Play.

Thankfully, my boys are now 9 and 12. It’s so much easier to pack. I’ve also pretty much perfected my own packing skills after so many years of practice. I have to admit, if I have a mutant power, it’s packing.

No, seriously.

Allie is always amazed at how I can perfectly fit everything into a suitcase and then somehow fit all the luggage and bags into the trunk of our car. To me, it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle or game of Tetris. I just see it in my mind and do it.

As a self-proclaimed Travel Pro, I figure it’s my duty to share my insights with you. Hopefully my guidance can help make your next trip that much smoother. So without further ado, I give you…

5 Crucial #TravelTipZzz for the Modern Traveler


1. Don’t Forget the Chargers – The most common item left in a hotel room is a phone charger. So besides making sure to bring every possible charger with you on your trip (phone, iPad, laptop, etc.), also be sure to double, no, triple check every single outlet in the hotel room before you check out!

2. Dress in Layers – I so packed wrong for my trip to England. I brought just two T-shirts and no light jackets. It was all long sleeve shirts and two heavy jackets. The weather ended up being loads warmer than I thought, so yeah, I spent three weeks sweating! Be sure to check the weather before you go, and no matter what, bring a light coat or sweatshirt. It’s all about layers!

3. Keep Essentials Close – I have atrocious eyesight so I wear contact lenses during the day and glasses at night. Whenever I fly somewhere, I always check my luggage but I make sure to have my glasses with me. If the airline loses my luggage, I can always buy more clothes. If I lose my glasses, I’ll be walking into walls. So whether it’s glasses, important documents or necessary medication, always keep the essentials by your side.

4. Bring Disposable Bags – Okay, this one sounds odd, but I learned this one from my wife. When you’re packing, toss in a number of disposable bags. Grab a handful of plastic grocery bags and ziplock bags. They’re great for garbage, wet clothes, wet toothbrushes or anything else that could potentially leak and ruin your clothes. Note: If you’re bringing your own soap or shampoos with you, definitely pack them in ziplock bags before you even think of putting them in your suitcase or you’ll end up with an unwanted mess!

5. Get Your Sleep – Vacations are always a blast but they’re also so exhausting! Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before you leave, as well as sleeping as much as you can during your stay When I first landed in England, thanks to the time difference, I was so out of whack that I ended up napping for two hours in my hotel room…at 9 am! That made it impossible to fall asleep that night. Bringing along a solid sleep aid like ZzzQuil can certainly help make sure you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed so you can really enjoy your trip!


The folks over at ZzzQuil (which is a non-habit forming sleep aid, by the way) are helping me host a travel journey! As a Vick’s Ambassador, I’m not just offering you these 5 #TravelTipZzz, but I’m taking you with me on a journey! And you can even save some money with this ZzzQuil Coupon!

Visit my fellow Vick’s Ambassadors’ blogs to learn their travel tips. When you’re done making the rounds, you’re sure to be a Travel Pro yourself!

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24 thoughts on “5 Crucial #TravelTipZzz You Can’t Live Without”

  1. I always had trouble sleeping when we were traveling. I wish I had something like ZzzQuil then. It’s good to pack many different clothing options because you really don’t know what the weather will be like.

  2. I find for me the best way to pack is to roll your clothes. You will get much more in a suitcase and it’s easier to find things in the suitcase.

  3. My favorite tip is # 3 Keep Essentials Close! I try to keep things organized in ziplocs by catergories such as chargers, snacks, first aid items, etc.

  4. Keeping essentials in your carry-on luggage is essential. One of my daughters who travels a lot has the big problem that they always seem to loose her luggage or it’s put on the wrong plane. She now has essential paper work, clothes etc in her carry-on.

  5. Great tips. Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to travel much but when I do I will definitely revert back to this list to make sure I have everything I need.

  6. These are some great tips, thanks for sharing. We always pack things that could leak in ziploc bags & always take a disposable bag or two along.

  7. Fantastic pointers there! I can never have enough disposable bags while traveling. One more that I’d like to add is keeping an electrical outlet adapter handy for those trans-continental voyages.

  8. I used zzzquil the last time I traveled and it made a huge difference. I definitely have trouble sleeping away from home.

  9. The disposable bags are a great idea!! I do the same thing when I go to the gym or even when I go basketball or volleyball with my friends, just in case my clothes are very dirty and I might to change.

  10. I love the tips – thanks for sharing! We took our kids on a really long flight years ago and use Bendadryl to get them to rest. I agree that having a good night’s sleep is essential for a good trip.


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