7 Perfect Places for Dad to Use a Drone


two female hiker above the sea of fog on top of a mountain at sunset
Two female hiker above the sea of fog on top of a mountain at sunset

Father’s Day is coming up and you know what that means. Yeah, loads of sales on ties and socks. Yawn.

If you really want to impress dear ol’ dad (hint hint), appeal to his geeky gadget side and get him a drone! No, not a mindless employee that’ll follow his every command. I’m talking about one of those crazy-cool, futuristic flying machines that lets you take photos and videos from high up in the sky!

Drones have gotten much more widespread (and affordable), so they’d make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Let’s face it, dads are always trying to find the perfect angle to take a family photo. With a drone, a whole new world opens up for photo opps!

In fact, I put together a list of some of the coolest uses for a drone. Take a look:

7 Perfect Places for Dad to Use a Drone

Hiking – I love hiking with the family, but let’s face it, when we’re on top of a mountain, there’s not much room to step back and take a family photo. Not to mention, who’s going to hold the camera?

The Grill – I love a good BBQ as much as the next guy but it can get really hot standing in front of a grill waiting for your burgers to be done. So why not lay back and relax in a hammock, while you let your drone stand over the heat (high over the heat) instead?

Skiing – I can’t even imagine getting a birds-eye video view of myself skiing down a black diamond trail. That’s probably because I can’t even survive a bunny trail…

During Hide & Seek – Playing Hide & Seek with your kids when they’re toddlers is cute. Playing when they’re much older is exhausting. There’s all that walking around and looking. Man, with a sick drone, you could just chill in your hammock, sipping lemonade until you spot the little buggers hiding.

The Beach – Beach photos are always great, except nobody wants to bring their camera out into the ocean. Even if you’re watching your kids in the shallow part while you stand on the sand, your hands could get real gritty, then it gets in the camera and so on. Instead, just sit back on your beach chair with a shady umbrella behind you and let your drone get up there and take some perfect videos of your kids riding the waves!

The Roof – Whether you’re trying to get a lost frisbee or check for broken shingles, it can be a real pain to drag out the ladder and head up on the roof. Especially if you get all the way up there, find out you’re on the wrong side, need to climb all the way back down, move the ladder, go back up again, etc. Just let your drone do the initial scouting work for you. Heck, you may even get lucky and not have to go up at all!

Fishing – Stuck in the middle of a lake where the fish aren’t biting? No prob. Just send up your trusty drone around the lake to zoom in on where the fish are having a feeding frenzy! Your Drone suddenly becomes the best First Mate ever!

3DR Solo Drone

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What’s so cool about the Solo? It’s the first-ever drone that’s powered by two integrated Linux computers. This bad boy can define its own flight, so all you need to worry about is taking the actual shot. You can even get full control of a GoPro camera and secure live HD video either wirelessly via your mobile device or by using the controller’s HDMI port.

How cool is this? I'd feel like I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. if I had one o' these!
How cool is this? I’d feel like I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. if I had one o’ these!

Right now if you purchase a 3DR Solo Drone at Best Buy, you can get a Free Solo Smart Battery (valued at $149.99) along with it! Offer’s valid through July 11 at Best Buy.

Learn More About the 3DR Solo Drone

Where would you use a drone?

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  1. Each and every place you have mentioned in this blog are well noted and will soon start shooting amazing photos from my drone. I’ve only been using my drone in our backyard and I’m starting to get bored from it :D.


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