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As a dad, it doesn’t take much to make me smile. Seeing my kids read comic books, play video games or build some Lego sets is enough to get me going.

But if you go a step further and ask what makes me smile outside of my wife and kids? Well, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was a gadget geek. I don’t often buy them but I absolutely love a good gadget.

I know we’re supposed to have hover boards and flying cars by now, but I’m okay with where we’re at. We’ve got crazy virtual reality gear, wireless everything and even voice-activated gizmos. Did you know you could even stream playlists from your refrigerator? Seriously, how cool is that?

So yeah, a really sweet gadget is something that’d make this dad smile. And thanks to Logitech’s #LogiSmiles campaign, I’m grinning ear to ear!

My friends over at Logitech sent me an early Father’s Day Treat! A box full of more than $700 worth of gadgeted goodies!

What was inside? Take a look:

Logitech Harmony Elite


I’ve always wanted a Harmony remote. We have a gaggle of remotes in our living room and it’s such a pain to juggle them. One turns on the TV and controls the volume. The other turns on the cable box and changes the channels. A third turns on the Blu-ray player, which is how we watch Netflix. For a couch potato like me, if even one of those remotes is out of reach, I’m doomed.

With the Logitech Harmony Elite, I can control ALL the things at once! I can even set up my own little shortcuts (like “Turn on Netflix”) and program a series of actions so all I need to do is click the one button.

Harmony Elite Specs:

  • Streamline your life with intuitive, integrated control of both home entertainment and home control devices.
  • Change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward, or rewind using gestures on the bright 2.4” touchscreen.
  • Easily find the right button, even in the dark, with motion-activated, backlit controls.
  • Keep your eyes on your entertainment, not your remote, with vibration feedback.
  • Customize the dedicated media playback, cable/satellite, and DVR controls to your preferences.
  • Control and adjust smart home devices with dedicated controls.
  • Keep Harmony Elite charged and ready with the convenient charging station..
  • The replaceable battery has 20% greater capacity than previous generation Harmony remotes.

Logitech MX Master Mouse


I used to be a big PC gamer. I’d have crazy joysticks, trackballs, you name it. I certainly miss those days and use a really lame wired (yes, wired!) mouse on my computer these days. So  I’m pretty stoked to try out the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse! I mean, the thing has an X in its name so it’s already 10 times cooler than my current mouse!

What’s so cool about this mouse? I’ll tell ya!

  • Hand-sculpted comfort contour
  • Speed-adaptive scroll wheel
  • Unique thumb wheel (There’s an EXTRA wheel on here by your thumb!)
  • Darkfield Laser Tracking (Sounds like something Batman would invent!)

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Surround Sound Gaming Headset


I have a confession to make. I love video games. Love ’em! But, well… some of them I’m not so great at. Games like Gears of War, which I play online with my buddy Brian is so much fun except, I’m usually killed within the first three minutes and need Brian to revive me. That’s where a good pair of headphones come in. Currently I’m using the flimsy wired ones that come with my Xbox One. But now, I can step into the future with this Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Surround Sound Gaming Headset.

Seriously, just look how futuristically cool these are! The microphone slides up into the headset. The blue lightsadd a real Tron-like glow. And the USB adapter piece? Yeah, you can store it in side the headset itself! Plus there’s oodles of knobs and buttons to adjust various volumes and settings.

These bad boys have some pretty sweet features:

  • Pro-G Audio Drivers for Superior Performance
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Customizable RGB Lighting and Tags
  • 2.4GHZ Wireless
  • Programmable G-Keys
  • Custom Sound Profiles
  • Multi-Source Audio Mixing
  • USB-Powered Mix Adapter
  • Crystal-Clear Communication
  • Long-Term Comfort

Logi ZeroTouch

Car Phone Holder with Voice Command App Logitech

They even tossed in a Logi ZeroTouch! This unique car phone holder (Android only) with voice commands offers up some pretty neat features itself.

  • Voice to Text
  • Voice-Activated Music
  • Voice Navigation
  • Share My Location
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Reply to Messages

And what Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without something shaving related? Yeah, my Logitech buddies rounded the whole gift set up with an Art of Shaving Gift Card! I’m definitely having an amazing Father’s Day already and I wasn’t even there at Logitech’s birth!

Super duper thanks to the Logitech Team, not just for making this poppa smile… but for making one of my lucky readers smile too! That’s right, one of you guys is going to win a mega Logitech prize package with everything in it that I received! That’s over $700 worth of Logitech Awesomeness!

Win a $700+ Logitech Prize Pack!


Prize Pack includes all of the following:

Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Logi ZeroTouch

$75 gift card to the Art of Shaving

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  2. So many things to smile about! My favorite would have to be having a “dance party”with my 10yr old son in the living room!nothing beats dancing,laughing,and singing with him.

  3. My family makes me smile, specifically my grandkids. When I see them smile, it makes me smile. You only get one chance at this life, make it worthwhile.

  4. Waking up every morning is all I need to smile. I’m healthy and have loving family and a roof over my head. So my motto in life is if I wake up in the morning then I will put a smile on my face

  5. My sweet baby boy makes me smile…making him giggle and playing and cuddling him is my favorite thing to do. The kiss my husband gives me every morning when he leaves for work and I am still asleep, but not really, makes me smile. To know that he kisses me goodbye, even when he thinks I don’t know he’s doing it…that’s the sweetest thing. Buying small appliances for my amazing daughter who is off to college in a month, makes me smile. Really, my family makes me smile…nothing else really matters except them…they are my heart and my soul and my world…everything about them makes me smile.

  6. What makes me smile? hmmmm …. My twins smiling. They are now teens but absolutely love wild rides at amusement parks, I don’t watch, scares me. They get excited when a new one is created and opens up for riding. These parks have become quite expensive so we try to visit those that are within driving distance so less cost if we don’t stay in hotel or stay only one night. Seeing them smile, walk fast to the next ride, and listen to what they loved about their experience puts the biggest smile on my face. Memories for them and myself.

  7. My pet chickens make me smile. They’re so warm and fluffy to hold. They’re also very funny to watch.

  8. Well there are a lot of things that make me smile.
    1. My son when he makes unique things out of logos
    2.when he is cuddling with his dogs on the couch
    3. When I get to the kitchen and all the dishes are done
    4. When a get breakfast in bed
    5. When I win something
    6. When I see it is sunny out
    7. When I get my favorite dish at a restaurant
    8. When I don’t get bills in the mail
    9. When I get flowers
    10. When I get to sleep all night

  9. What makes me smile is giving to those less fortunate when I am able to. Always trying to what I can when I see others in need. Such a great feeling!

  10. You do! In all honesty, you made me smile when I read that you’re doomed if any of your multiple remotes are out of reach. That’s so totally me too! On any given day though, my son makes me smile. My husband too and all of my furfamily. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. So many things make me smile…Here are a few:
    ? on any day!
    Tall glass of Pepsi.
    Good ?.
    Successful ? Series or ? download.
    Afternoon nap after watching Soaps & Talk Shows.
    Finally getting the email of a prize ?notification then seeing the deliveryman with package? at my?.

  12. While I’m talking I will tell you what does not make me smile. Right now it’s twitter! I cannot follow the Sponsor because twitter says I am following too many people! They should not have a limit on that!

  13. Winning a blog giveaway always make me smile. It’s like a full circle involvement since you come back a lot of days and get more entries in when you can. So it does make me happy big or small to win something!

  14. Seeing my husband and kids happy. Like yourself my husband is also a gadget geek and he works from home so this prize would make his day and his life a lot easier and fun.

  15. My grand nephew makes me smile. No matter how the day is going he will look at you and smile and that smile is contagious and you smile back. He is 4 months old today.

  16. Video games make me smile!! I love every platform, be it PC, Playstation, DS, or Xbox! 🙂 It’s what gets me through the work week!

  17. Seeing my kids happy and watching them grow into awesome little adults..? keep up the great work boys you make my life worth living.

  18. The Greatest smile maker in my life is Jesus. I feel supported nurtured and loved by his presence. Jesus is my foundation in life and my daily motivator and guide.

  19. There are many things that make me smile. Helping others and seeing their joy for your help, My grandchildren laughing and spending time with them. Life in general.

  20. Waking up to my children every morning makes me smile. I especially love the smile I get from my 3 month old when she wakes up in the morning.

  21. The one thing that really makes me smile all the time is when I get to spend time with my three year old grandson- 🙂 he brings me such joy-

  22. I type a lot at my job, not having hand-fatigue makes me smile, Logitech product are ergonomic. Winning logitech products makes me smile even more.

    Seriously, the time with my family is what makes me smile the most.

  23. Right now the two things that are making me smile the most are my 3 year old dancing to Thriller and watching my 10 month old learning how to walk.

  24. Our grandson who is only 4yrs old is always trying to fix and build things watching him use his imagination and not worry about having material things is what makes us smile!

  25. My family makes me smile. My wife and sons, they make everything worthwhile. They’re the reason I go to work each day and they bring me joy.

  26. Of course my kids make me smile. They also make me want to pull my hair out and I’m pretty sure I have more grey hair than I would otherwise but more smiles than anything else.

  27. Anything silly! Could be me making a silly mistake, my kids laughing or waking me up with hugs or kisses. I love animals so they make me smile!

  28. What makes me smile is when my granddaughter wraps her little arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder I just melt!

  29. A clean house with happy kids makes me smile. It makes me feel that all’s right in my world. 🙂 Also doesn’t hurt that my husband swept and vacuumed the floor this morning! :O 😀

  30. Traveling to distant lands and interacting with the denizens of those far off places make me smile…and laugh…and rejoice!

  31. So MANY things make me smile: a text from my sister, a beautiful sunrise/sunset, a favorite song coming up on my music player, and of course PUPPIES!

  32. What makes me smile is having a full battery on my cell phone and not having to worry if it’s going to go dead after I take my 1000 pictures for a blog post that I have to have written in less than 3 hours.

  33. Ironically, what makes me smile are my Logitech keyboard and mouse – first time I have ever actually picked a keyboard and mouse, and I love them! Have done wonders for my carpal tunnel.

  34. I smile listening to my girls play their musical instruments. Not because they’re practicing, but because they are enjoying themselves. There is nothing more touching than songs like Lava coming from a cello or Just Like Fire from the violin!


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