A Reverse Wishlist Really Helps Put the Fun Back into Gift Giving

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Gift giving can either be a total blast or a complete nightmare depending upon who you’re shopping for. If your recipient sent out a wish list, well, that certainly ensures he or she will like what you get them. But it also removes any real surprise element, doesn’t it? And where’s the fun in that?

Plus, when time’s running out (and for you procrastinators, Christmas IS just around the corner…), you just know that last-minute gifts are always the absolute worst.

This holiday season (and any gift-giving occasion for that matter), go ahead and try something a little different. Why not put together a reverse wishlist? I’ve written about PickURGift before, and I actually love them so much I’m doing it again!

When I first worked with the PickURGift team, the free app was brand new, had a number of bugs and was a bit unnecessarily complicated. It was still really neat, but it definitely could use some fine tuning. And what I really love about the creators behind the unique app is that they actually listen. In fact, not only do they listen to suggestions and ideas from their users, but they completely encourage them! As an entrepreneur myself, I know the true value of any project (whether it’s a book, a website, an app, or whatever) is in its users.

As it is now, the PickURGift app is much easier to use and a lot of fun. Here’s how it works:

1. First you sign up and install the UR Button in your toolbar. Quick and painless!

2. Then simply shop anywhere online, yes anywhere. See something you’d like to gift to someone? Just click the UR Button, fill in the details (Who is it for? What’s the event?).

I’m looking for a birthday present for my mom. I know she likes the Doctor Who series and loves tea. So I surf over to one of my favorite sites, ThinkGeek, and lo and behold, there’s a Doctor Who TARDIS Tea infuser! I just click the PickUR Gift button and get a slick layer. It automatically pulls in basic info and photos, though you can select an alternate photo if you’d like. I also easily created a new gift page from here (Mom’s Birthday) as well as added my mom as a new recipient.

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3. When you’re done filling out any necessary info, just click ADD GIFT and it’s added to that gift list. I surfed around a bit at a variety of different sites, adding a number of potential gift items to my Mom’s Birthday gift list page. I can edit or delete any of them if I want to, so no need to worry that I messed anything up!

Gift List

At this point, I can make this list public or even email it to friends or family to get their thoughts on the entire list or even additional suggestions.

4. When I’m all set with the list, I hit the SEND GIFT LIST button and fill out a short form, before a link is sent to my mom with her gift list!

Gift List Address

5. Then it’s all up to mom. She’ll get an email with the basic information and a link to her gift list. “When she clicks that link, she’s brought to her gift list where she can check off any items she wants. At that point, I’m notified of her choices and I can then go and purchase her items for her.

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And that’s pretty much it. You don’t have to worry that your gift recipient’s going to select tons of items and make you pay for them. All they’re doing is giving you their choices from a list you send to them. Pick UR Gift doesn’t actually buy the gifts for you, they just help you narrow down the selection. I haven’t seen any scientific studies yet from these guys, but I’m betting more men than women would find this tool mega useful!

The idea of a reverse wishlist may take a few seconds to wrap your head around, but it’s actually a great way to make sure you’re not spending tons of money on a gift that nobody wants. I’m really impressed with the improvements the Pick UR Gift team has made in such a short time and think they’re truly on to something.

So if you’re still having trouble finding the perfect gift for that someone special, let that someone special give you a hand! Toss them a personalized gift list from Pick UR Gift and get them something they truly want!

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  1. This is a great idea! Your MOM likes Doctor Who? She’s almost as cool as I am ! Is she originally a Bronx girl, by any chance?


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