Aunt Jemima’s Lil’ Griddles Offer Some Big Taste in Some Adorable Mini Servings

When I was growing up, weekends were just the best. Okay, well, that certainly still holds true. But what I mean is, I loved waking up on a Saturday to the smell of my mom warming up the griddle.

She didn’t do it every weekend, but probably a few times a month, my mom would whip up a batch of pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes plain. Sometimes blueberry. And sometimes, surprisingly, chocolate chip!

Yeah, my mother would never let my sister and I have any type of chocolatey cereal (no Cocco Puffs for this kid), but we could eat our body weight in chocolate chip pancakes.

Nowadays, it’s my wife who’s warming up the griddle for pancakes. Sometimes we even have them for dinner on the weekend. Breakfast for dinner is always fun! And both my kids are big fans of pancakes.

If school didn’t start until 10 a.m., I’m sure Allie would make pancakes every morning for the kids. But alas, it starts much earlier. No matter how early we wake up, how much we plan the night before, every school morning is always the same: chaotic. If it weren’t for our human alarm clock Ryan (he always has one eye on the clock and does not like to be late), we’d all still be sleeping right now most likely.

So whipping up homemade pancakes every morning is just so not an option. Luckily we can look towards our aunt to help save the day. Aunt Jemima, that is!

Ryan proudly shows off the Lil' Griddles! "It's COLD" was his only comment.
Ryan proudly shows off the Lil’ Griddles! “It’s COLD” was his only comment.

With Aunt Jemima’s new Lil’ Griddles line, my kids don’t have to wait until the weekends for their pancake fill! Lil’ Griddles come in three different bite-size options including frozen Blueberry Mini pancakes, frozen Mini pancakes, and frozen Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.

The mini size is just perfect for Ryan. He likes his pancakes plain. As in, no syrup. He’ll usually pick up a big pancake and start chomping down. But with these mini ones, they easily fit in his hand so he can even double fist his breakfast if he wants!

Jason, on the other hand, usually has a few pancakes with his syrup. Yeah, his plate turns into a syrupy pond with tiny tan pancake lily pads floating in it. This morning, however, he wanted to eat while playing at the computer. So that means a big no to syrup.


That’s a nice big stack of Lil’ Griddles! Now let’s see what happens when Jason takes a bite!

Jason Bite

Perfect size for his mouth, right? But the real test is in the taste! Wadda ya think, Jason?

Jason thumbs up

All right! Big thumbs up from Jason who said these are “Delicious!”

So yeah, my kids really liked Aunt Jemima’s Lil’ Griddles and we now have a new morning staple for the kids’ breakfast. Delicious and way faster than making our own pancakes, we may even have some free time in the morning now! So we can sleep in a littler later, right?

Allie and I like the Lil’ Griddles tagline, “Every batch made from scratch.” It shows that real ingredients like eggs, milk and sugar are mixed into every single little pancake.

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Thank you to Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast for being a sponsor. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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