I Want to Get Married Again So I Can Register at Best Buy



Before I got married, I had barely even heard of having a wedding registry. At first, I thought it was a bit rude having someone tell me what I should buy them. Maybe I don’t even want to get them a gift, and here they are telling me exactly what type of gravy boat they want and how many dish towels I need to get them.

I quickly learned that a wedding registry is actually a huge help on both ends. Newly married couples need a lot of help getting started on their crazy adventure together, so why not put a list together of exactly what it is they do want? After all, nothing’s worse than filling your attic with hideous and unusable items.

Wedding registries are also great for guests who want to do more than just give money. This lets them get something they know 100% that the happy couple will enjoy for years to come. Heck, they’ll think of you every time they use that spiffy can opener!

Now when we got engaged, Allie and I did the usually registry thing picking out dishes and cutlery, etc. The only fun part for me was getting to use a scanning gun as we walked around the stores.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Times have certainly changed, though. Because now even an electronics guru like Best Buy has a Wedding Registry section. I am seriously considering renewing my vows just so Allie and I can register at Best Buy!

The Best Buy Wedding Registry offers up oodles of advice and suggestions for creating your own registries, as well as jumping in on Group Gifting, if you and some friends want to go in on an expensive gift for the happy couple.

That’s the coolest part if you ask me! Now you don’t have to worry about putting really expensive gifts on your registry (or even anything over $199!), since Group Gifting lets lots of different guests contribute!

What would I want on my registry if Allie and I renewed our vows? (Well, that’s assuming she said “Yes” again, of course! She did say yes the first time after only 7 years of waiting…)

My Top 5 Registry Items from Best Buy

Samsung 32″ Class LED Smart HDTV


Every couple deserves at least one really good TV in their home. After all, what good is a marriage if you don’t have a spiffy remote control to fight over? We’ve always loved Samsungs and this Smart TV also means you can easily plug into Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more.

XBox One 1TB Madden NFL 16 Bundle

Best Buy

I don’t really see the allure here, but Allie has been pestering me about an Xbox One for like a year now. I guess I should just give in and get her one, right? Okay. Fine. It’s for me, all right? You happy? At least it’s not a bowling ball with my name on it. That’d be a horrible gift for my wife. And with the Xbox One, I can keep out of her way when she’s busy doing silly things like cooking dinner or helping the kids with homework…

Samsung Streaming 3D Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player

Samsung BDJ7500ZA Streaming 3D WiFi BuiltIn Bluray Player with UHD 4K Upscaling Black BD J7500ZA   Best Buy

While Allie still claims she doesn’t understand the difference between HD and SD, I so live for watching Blu-ray movies on an HD TV. It’s like being in the theater, only better! No sticky floors or loud people sitting next to me. Well, unless my Poker buddies are over to watch with me, that is.

Waring Pro 10-Cup Popcorn Maker

Waring Pro 10Cup Popcorn Maker Red WPM28   Best Buy

With a killer TV and a sweet Blu-ray player, we just need one more key ingredient: Popcorn!!! How much fun is this Waring Popcorn maker? I’d probably love it so much that I could even sit through a Twilight marathon with Allie I bet. Well, maybe just half of the first one…

Keurig 2.0 K550 Coffeemaker

Keurig 2.0 K550 Coffeemaker Multi 20232   Best Buy

While nothing beats waking up to the smile of my beautiful wife, coffee does come a close second. Otherwise, I’d just never wake up! Keurig’s are great but hokey smokes does this Keurig 2.0 take the cake! It sports 10 different cup sizes, so I can enjoy a regular mug, fill up my travel mug for my long commute or put a pot together for a group of friends! Heck, I could totally kiss this Keurig… except, well, y’now, I’m married.

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What would you add to your Best Buy Registry?

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  1. LOL! What WOULDN’T I add! Definitely renew your vows, though, make a big party, and register at Best Buy for everything they have! You’ll make out like a bandit! (BTW, if I even THINK about getting married again, just shove me off the nearest cliff.!!!!..)


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