Win a Chuck E. Cheese’s Guest Pass – Free Pizza, Drinks and 30 Tokens

I can’t recall the first time I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s,but my kids were crazy small. I remember appreciating the younger area they had with a cute climbing/interactive thing, as well as babyish video games. What always killed me though, were the tubes. You know, the long, interconnected play tubes that hung from the ceiling and kids could climb up and run/climb around them. Yeah, those were awful for one big reason… I’d always climb up …

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My Latest Health Obsession: Dry Roasted Edamame

Seapoint Farms

My wife and I are on a big health kick. We’re doing the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution almost every day. (Or as I like to call it, the “Move my lazy ass around on the floor slowly while I sweat profusely and curse like a sailor” program.) She’s also doing her best to cook healthy meals and find all sorts of healthy snacks for us. Yeah, my wife’s pretty darn awesome. Except when she makes …

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Win a Case of Bare Fruit Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips

When it comes to apples, I’m kind of ambivalent. I have nothing against them at all, I just don’t go crazy for them. One of my wife’s favorite desserts is apple pie. If I even think of talking to her while she’s fork-deep into that gooey apple, cinnamon and crust mixture, I’ll be spitting teeth for week. To this day, she still cannot fathom how apple pie does absolutely nothing for me. Blueberry pie or even …

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I Made Turkey Kielbasa Tacos! (Plus Hillshire Farm Giveaway!)

Like most intelligent humans, I’m a big fan of bacon. In fact, for breakfast every day I have a boring old bowl of oatmeal, along with four slices of bacon. Okay, fine. Turkey bacon. But that’s only because of some silly high cholesterol thing, and yeah I’m trying to eat healthy. Thing is, as much as I love bacon, when it comes to breakfast meats, I actually prefer sausage. And speaking of sausage (see how …

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What Does a Daddy Blogger Eat?

frosting cake pans

I had so much fun doing the 5 Things You Would Learn About Me if You Walked Through My House blog carnival that Trisha from MomDot started, that I couldn’t wait to jump on it again! Apparently Trisha felt the same way, since she posted a new one today, offering a look inside her fridge and pantry. The rules are simple: no staging allowed! Just quick photos of your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. Sounds good to me, …

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