Scrabble Meets Math In the Super Fun iPhone App GoSum

Math app for iPhone

In college I was really torn about what direction to go in. Most people are either left brained or right brained. They’re either analytic or creative. Me? I’m both. I was seriously not sure whether to go for an English degree or a Math one. I loved solving math problems (big fan of puzzles), but I’ve also always had a huge love of writing. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini. The whole two-faced thing. My birthday also …

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Go Crazy With Gogo’s Crazy Bones

Ryan’s one of those kids that just loves playing with action figures. Doesn’t matter if they’re Star Wars, Super Hero Squad, or Lego mini-figs. He just loves grabbing a bunch of guys and having them go on adventures and fight.  He’s even been known to grab my keychain (I’ve got a Mario figure on it) and start acting out a video game level with it. Needless to say, his room is chock full of various …

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Charting Beer, Heavy Metal, and Super Powers

I’m in love. I’m a mega pop-culture geek, who also happens to love a good infographic or chart. Well, just like a Reese’s Monkey and a cup of peanuts, someone managed to mix two great tastes that taste great together. Pop Chart Lab is just full of pure awesomeness. Ridiculous? Perhaps. Super geeky? Most definitely. See, the geeky, brainy folks behind PCL (that’d be Patrick Mulligan and Ben Gibson), do insane research on various topics …

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