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When I was in elementary school (probably around 3rd or 4th Grade), I was picked to help host a school news program. Our local high school had a great AV department with all sorts of camera and tech equipment and somehow someone decided to start a student-filled news program for the district. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it featured students on camera talking about school issues. I think the show aired on our local cable channel.

I don’t remember too many details, but I know I was one of only a few kids from our school who got to hold a mic and talk into a big camera about the latest events happening over at West Nyack Elementary School. Now remember, this was back in a day before everyone had a video camera. Nowadays, not only does everyone have a digital camcorder but most smartphones are equipped with pretty good ones.

It was a great experience for me, though, and it’s certainly something that’s not easy to do: getting kids interested and involved in the news. Unless it’s a release date for the newest Mario video game, my boys aren’t too interested in what’s going on in the world. But they should.

As parents, Allie and I do try to talk to them about major world issues, as well as local events happening in our community. When major events unfold like the Boston Marathon bombings or the Sandy Hook Massacre, it’s something we do need to talk to them about. I’d rather they first hear things like that from me or Allie, than from their friends at school.

That’s why I’m really excited to be a Channel One News Ambassador. I recently found out about this online news outlet and I’m really impressed with it. The daily news program isn’t a student-run news channel full of homework helpers or horrid reviews of Lunch Lady Doris’ meatloaf. No, it’s a full-on news program hosted by a younger team of broadcasters (they’re all adults), in a more relaxed atmosphere than a standard news desk.


Scott Evans, Shelby Holliday and Maggie Rulli are the three lead reporters sharing the latest news, trends and events. Sometimes they’re just sitting in a chair talking, other times standing next to each other, or some other combination. It’s all done in a very relaxed, and personable style, though, so you feel like they’re basically having a conversation with their friends or family.

As for what the Channel One News team covers, well that’s anything and everything. They do a great job of finding the day’s top news stories that can help spark some important conversations for you to have with your family. Watch the show daily and then talk about these events in a safer and calmer way with your kids. The program makes it easier to boil down the latest world happenings and use them as a springboard for some great dinner conversation. And we all know that after the typical non-response to, “How was school today?” you can certainly use some good talking points!


Without getting bogged down in super technical details or opinionated debates, the stories on Channel One News give the basic info needed, so that you can share and discuss with your kids. That’s not to say these stories are “dumbed-down.” Not at all. What they do offer is all the important and necessary information about each topic without bogging any of it down with tons of opinion or countless interviews lasting for hours. It’s news, straight and to the point, in a digestible and understandable manner. That means even kids can watch themselves and take away the key points being expressed.

On Channel One News, you can view new episodes online and even browse an archive of older ones. Additionally, parents can search the Video Library for specific topics to broach with their kids. And if you need even more help talking to your kids, free transcripts of each show are available for download.

To keep up with the latest events and happenings, register with Channel One News. It’s completely free. Just be sure to choose “Parent” in the appropriate dropdown when you register.

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 Do you discuss the news with your kids?

5 thoughts on “Channel One News Helps Spark Family Dinner Discussions #channelonenews”

  1. I like the idea of younger, more in tune to today’s kids newcaster’s. I think my kids would get into this type of news.

  2. That is interesting….. actually that is the way I want to get my news – quick, to the point and without a lot of commentary and personal opinions.

  3. my grandkids get some station at their school,im not sure if its channel one or not but I believe so,,they make it interesting for kids to follow along ,,great program

  4. That’s really interesting. I purposely avoid watching the actual news when my girls are around, but this sounds like it would be a lot better. I’ll have to look into it!


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