Christmas Fun in Santa’s Lapland with Kids



Lapland is a region that needs no introduction, as kids from around the world will know it as Santa’s official home. But it’s not just about a cheery old man with reindeer. Take a holiday to Lapland at Christmas time and discover a whole range of activities that both you and the kids will love.

Visit Salla Reindeer Park

Salla Reindeer Park is the perfect place to get involved in magical winter pastimes such as husky sledding and taking a ride with a reindeer. The guides are good, the activities are exhilarating and, above all, it’s a great way to see some stunning scenery. Make sure you wrap up warm with plenty of layers and waterproof outerwear, especially if you go at night time!

See the Northern Lights

One of nature’s most mysterious and elusive displays, the Northern Lights are an absolute must-see. Although the effects can vary, you’ll struggle to find a more uplifting experience than watching this nocturnal rainbow dance. The chance of viewing this amazing spectacle has become a major tourist draw and is responsible for the surge in holidayers making their way north in the winter time.

Drive your own snowmobile

OK, so it may be a little less romantic than a ride in a reindeer sled, but that doesn’t make driving a snowmobile any less enjoyable. After all, it’s basically a motorbike on skis. Take it across frozen lakes, over ridges caked in snow, through paths lined with husky hooves… Wherever you go, you won’t be disappointed. But you will need an extra layer or two, as temperatures can drop to twenty or thirty degrees below.


And, of course… meet Santa Claus

Santa can be found at a few of his venues in Lapland (or the North Pole to the kids!). Plan a visit to one of these villages and you can meet the man himself as well as his friendly elves and reindeer.

At night you can cosy around the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, just like a scene out of your kids’ favorite Christmas books. You’ll definitely need the rest after all of that fun.

Author’s bio: Miles Howard is a literature graduate currently traveling the world. He is currently enjoying South America and is looking forward to South East Asia next.

Images by Chris Morgan and Tom Lianza, used under the Creative Commons license.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Fun in Santa’s Lapland with Kids”

  1. I’m not a winter person really I’m more of a beach and sunshine type! Lapland sounds intriguing and the Northern Lights are well worth seeing, such a wonderful display of colour.

  2. I think the Northern Lights would be nice to see, but honestly I would want to do it from a heated area! Lapland is pretty, but not one of the places on my short list especially in the winter. It really doesnt sound much colder than the Midwest at some points in the winter, but I would rather go to a beach or somewhere warm!

  3. that sounds like fun, even if I am not a cold-weather person. And I have always wanted to see the northern lights…

  4. I’ve never heard of Lapland before but it sounds so fun! I’d love to take my family on a Christmas vacation this year!

  5. What an amazing trip! Since I can’t go as a kid anymore it would so cool to do something like this with my kids. Oh the dreams…!

  6. never heard of Lapland before,,my husband and I are thinking about going somewhere next Christmas,,I went overboard this year and stuffed 33 stockings and had 13 huge boxed wrapped each for my grandchildren ,,it was a bit overwhelming to say the least,,time to let someone younger take over the hosting of holidays,and let us just come an pop in and out


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