Win a DC Kids/WB Kids Mystery Gift Basket – $50 Value (Ends 6/28)


Ask me what I miss most about my childhood and that’s the easiest thing in the world to answer. Saturday Morning Cartoons!

I grew up in the ’80s, so I have very fond memories of waking up early on a Saturday to grab a big bowl of cereal (usually Cap’n Crunch) and plop myself down in front of the family room TV for hours. My Saturday mornings were overflowing with capes, crusaders and all sorts of crime-stopping characters.

One of my all-time favs was the classic Super-Friends. You just can’t beat them, y’know? Batman. Superman. Green Lantern! The more guest starts they had, the better.

As I got older (ahem… and… uh…. yeah, even now), I still loved and watched cartoons, devouring just about anything and everything comic book related. Heck, I literally scheduled some of my college classes around the insanely amazing Batman: The Animated Series. The show was just that good!

And now, well, thanks to the glory of the interwebs, I can watch even more, all without having to even pour a bowl of cereal for myself!

If you check out the YouTube Channels for DC Kids and WB Kids, you’ll find loads of amazing cartoons to keep you, er, your kids occupied and entertained. There are a slew of awesome (and hilarious) short vids including such favorites as Batman Unlimited, DC Super Friends and even (ZOIKS!) Scooby Doo!

Here’s a small taste of what you can find:

Batman Unlimited

DC Super Friends


You’ve gotta love Bats in any incarnation and I still can’t stop laughing at Robin jumping up and down from the DC Super Friends intro.

Need even more reason to love the DC and Warner Bros gang? Then enter this “super” giveaway they’re sponsoring where you could win one of five mystery toy gift baskets. Each basket is full of a minimum of $50 worth of awesomeness, handpicked by the staff of Warner Bros and DCKids.

Win a DC Kids/WB Kids Mystery Gift Basket 
(At least a $50 value!)

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4 thoughts on “Win a DC Kids/WB Kids Mystery Gift Basket – $50 Value (Ends 6/28)”

  1. those are great videos=I’m so glad I found this giveaway. Another youtube channel that’s safe for my kids to watch! Thanks!!

  2. Awesome giveaway DC and Scooby are cool. I like A Pup Named Scooby Doo better than the original stuff, the tune is more catchy!!!^_^ I love Batman and Teen Titans the characters are really cool, plus they relate!!!^_^


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