Delight Your Senses with Holiday Collections from Glade and Ziploc

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When you think of the holidays, what are the two biggest things that come to mind? Sure, there’s presents and days off from work and a big fat bearded guy in a red suit.  Of course in my house, when we say holidays, we’re thinking Hanukkah, so it’s all about candles and super, nummy, greasy potato latkes.

But regardless of what you celebrate, the holiday season always boils down to two things: sights and smells. There’s all those bright lights and colorful decorations, as well as the delicious smells of familiar food in the kitchen and no matter where you go, the aroma of pine trains fills the air. There’s just something immensely comforting about those smells and those colorful scenes.

And when it comes to something as simple as home fragrances and containers, you might not even give them a second holiday glance. But you should! Thanks to Glade and Ziploc, you can spread even more holiday cheer!

This year’s Glade Winter Collection features four limited-edition fragrances: Sparkling Spruce, Apple Cinnamon Cheer, Pure Vanilla Joy, and Frosted Berry Kiss. We picked up a Pure Vanilla Joy as it ties in beautifully with our blue and white Hanukkah decorations and, well, it smells like vanilla. Which my wife is beyond addicted to, so you just can’t go wrong with it!

Glade Candle (Frosted Berry Kiss)Glade Candle (Pure Vanilla Joy)

If your family’s anything like my wife’s, you’ll have plenty of leftovers after your holiday parties and dinners. That means loads of delicious goody bags for the rest of the family to take home. Whether you’re packing up leftovers or putting together some adorable bags of holiday cookies, Ziploc’s Holiday Collection can add a totally festive touch to your gift giving this year!


Ziploc Container (11.10, 11.18, 12.8)

Ziploc Bag (11.10, 11.18, 12.8)

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What are your favorite sights and smells for the holiday?

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