Does Green Giant’s New Line of Veggie Snack Chips Stand Up to the Crunch Test?

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I’m a crunch guy. A salt-over-sugar kind of person. You know, the exact opposite of most women. Or at least my wife.

Sure I enjoy a cookie or slice of cake as much as the next human being (and I may get weak in the knees when I’m face first in a helping of Tiramisu), but ask me what I’d most enjoy for an afternoon or late evening snack and 99 out of 100 times, it’ll contains pounds of salt.

Unfortunately, most chips aren’t the healthiest of options. And most “healthy chips” are crunchy, low in fat and high in disgustingness when it comes to taste. Rice cakes, anyone?

That’s why my mouth danced a little gig when I was asked to try out Green Giant’s new line of Veggie Snack Chips! Made with real vegetables, I was sent two different bags to try out: Garden Ranch Veggie Tortilla Chips and Barbecue Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips.

I have to admit, it was tough eating these without screaming, “Ho, ho, ho. Greeeen Giant!” every few minutes.

From the bag itself, you can tell exactly what these are. A nice big Green Giant logo and huge font clearly explain the bag’s contents. Sounds stupid, but so many products these days rely on crazy marketing and design gimmicks for their packaging that half the time you can’t even tell what’s inside, who put it out or what the product is called.

I really like the packaging (kudos to the GG design team) and couldn’t wait to dive right in. Especially since I’m a monster fan of barbecue chips!

IMG_3508 IMG_3504

We’re in the process of moving, so while packing up the kitchen, I thought we needed a little energy boost (and a break). I opened both bags and poured them into bowls, all ready for our taste test.


Allie, who’s not a big Barbecue chip fan, immediately went for the Garden Ranch tortilla chip. Seems like a standard tortilla chip in size, shape and texture.


The real key, however, is in the taste. Here it comes….


Clearly you’re in suspense, I know. I know. As was I! So what’d Allie think? Taking a cue from her intelligent and dashing husband’s penchant for voting with appendages, she gave it…


Total thumbs up! I liked the ranch ones too, I’ll admit and the bowl was pretty much emptied in a matter of minutes. But what about the Barbecue Sweet Potato chips? That’s where I came in!


The look, fell and smell are right up there with regular BBQ potato chips. Put these out and nobody would know the difference just from appearances. But taste? Let’s see…


Score! Pretty tasteastic I have to say. Considering I’m not a big fan of vegetables, I wasn’t sure I’d like either of these chips. I liked them both actually, though the Barbecue flavor tasted better to me. The crunch factor was equally good on both!

If you’re looking for something new or something a bit healthier in the snack area of your life, you should definitely check out the new line of Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips!

They’re currently available in four different flavors, and I’m hoping to get my hands on the additional Sea Salt and Zesty Cheddar ones soon.

What flavor would you want to try first?

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4 thoughts on “Does Green Giant’s New Line of Veggie Snack Chips Stand Up to the Crunch Test?”

  1. I’ve been planning on trying these pretty soon! I notice there are a lot of “tricked out” chips now, that have a little bit of something unique, but they pretty much still taste like chips, and I often prefer chips without all that extra whatever, but I keep trying them to see if I may find a new fav!!!

  2. that is awesome,,ive always wanted to try them but was afraid they wouldn’t taste good,thanks for sharing that with us


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