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Bamboo and rattan have been used throughout the world to make furniture for hundred of years. Both materials are strong and durable and emphasize natural appeal for any home setting. These beautiful textural materials are not only beautiful, they are sustainable products that are helping to save the planet’s natural resources.


As a member of the grass family, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Typical growth rate in temperate climates is three feet per day, but in countries with excessive rainfall like China, Taiwan and Thailand there have been reported growth rates of up to eight feet per hour. Bamboo canes with their hollow cores are stronger than wood and metal. This amazing strength and durability makes bamboo a great material for interior products like flooring and furniture. Left in its natural state, it adds a beautiful tropical appeal to any room or outdoor space. You’ll find gorgeous dining tables, accent tables, consoles, chairs and specialty items like tiki bars and lamps made out of bamboo.


Rattan is another strong, durable material with exotic, tropical appeal. While bamboo canes are hollow inside, rattan palms are solid. The poles used in rattan furniture construction are much stronger than wood members used in traditional furniture construction. As a clinging vine, rattan can be easily bent without breaking. Using a steaming process, it can be bent and curved into beautiful shapes for all kinds of indoor rattan furniture pieces like dressers, tables, ottomans, sofas, chairs, and even lovely rockers. Natural rattan can be used both indoors and outdoors, but rain and direct sunlight should be avoided outdoors. For outdoor rattan, you can find a variety of all-weather loungers, sofas, chairs and tables at Wicker Paradise. All-weather rattan is made from synthetic materials that withstand the outdoor elements, and it comes in a variety of beautiful styles and colors to compliment any home setting.

Bamboo and rattan are both powerful, strategic forest resources that protect habitats and provide income to many impoverished areas around the world. Bamboo is an especially versatile plant with fast growth that can be harvested and replenished quickly. Rattan doesn’t grow as quickly, but it can be harvested and replenished every three to seven years without causing deforestation. Bamboo and rattan furniture will not only provide a beautiful environment for your home, it will help protect the planet and provide benefits to many people living in developing countries.

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