Empower Yourself With the Scars R Sexy Movement – Share Your Story Today

Some scars live on the surface. Others run real deep. And while some people think their scars are just plain ugly, Amy Tippins is out to prove that scars are anything but. In fact, she thinks they’re downright sexy.

No this isn’t a “painful” post about a dominatrix or even Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s about believing in yourself and letting your experiences strengthen your resolve, rather than crush them.

I recently got to know Amy through a mutual friend (Thanks, Samantha!), and I have to say, Amy is one super tough cookie. After suffering through a painful and abusive childhood, she went through a successful liver transplant. Thanks to the medications she’s on, she’s constantly at a 70% risk for developing cancer. Yet despite all this, Amy says her painful journey has made her exactly who she is today. A wonderful person dedicated to coaching others through transplant experiences.

Rock Scar Love

Amy took her life lessons and helped start a movement called Scars R Sexy. It’s about taking all the scars you’ve accumulated in life (both mental and physical), and choosing to use those dark moments to inspire yourself, to empower yourself, and believe in yourself. She’s even put together a wonderful video explaining the movement.

Amy would love it if you shared this video with your friends and followers all over the network. Won’t you help spread this incredibly positive message that can bring some real light to so many dark places out there? You can also share your own scar story on ScarsRSexy.com and keep the movement moving!

Amy’s also started her own fashion company called Rock Scar Love:

Rock Scar Love is a modern, trend setting clothing company focused on helping individuals with physical, mental and emotional scars to embrace the lessons they represent  We believe that scars are sexy and when embraced they can only change lives for the positive. We look to provide sexy scar owners a way to tell their story and inspire others to live passionate lives.

You’ll find some really nice apparel in her store, all themed around the message of scars being sexy.


Whether you have a ton of physical scars, one small mental scar or anything in between, the Scars R Sexy movement wants your support. It’s amazing how just talking to someone about your pain can not only help heal your wounds, but make you stronger.

 Do you have any scars?

4 thoughts on “Empower Yourself With the Scars R Sexy Movement – Share Your Story Today”

  1. What a great ode to the amazing Scars R Sexy campaign! I’ve got my own SRS shirt and am looking to get an SRS Handana (latest in fashion for runners and bikers).

    Seriously, though, scars really are sexy. They make us who we are and can truly empower us if we see them for what they are — lessons.

    Thanks for the shoutout, Andrew, and for championing such a wonderful, empowering campaign that crosses all socioeconomic boundaries.

    ~Samantha XO

  2. Andrew, thanks so much for your support of our campaign! Each day we are so humbled with everyone who steps forward to support our cause! #ScarsRSexy

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