Finding New Furniture in Dubai


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Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is known for its bustling consumer markets and variety of luxurious goods, from traditional mass-produced pieces to unique creations. Whether you’re currently living there or planning to move, you’ll have an incredible array of furniture shopping venues to choose from in Dubai.

Here is a guide to the furniture stop points in Dubai, no matter what you’re looking for:

Dubai Malls

The malls of Dubai are a mix and match of unique local chains and nationwide brands. The Dubai Mall on Financial Center Road, for example, has Western brands such as Ethan Allan and Bloomingdale’s Home right alongside local stores such as Q Home Decor and the Jashanmal Home Department Store.

Many stores also feature artisan items and luxury brands, so if you’re not sure what type of furniture you want at all, a fact-finding trip to the mall could help.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event, taking place in January and February of each year. During the festival, the shopping Dubai sales are promoted across different venues, and this includes furniture showcases from major and small retailers.


Souqs are traditional Middle Eastern-style bazaars. Local vendors set up shops and locations to sell their goods to customers, and this includes handmade and unique furniture pieces. The Deira Covered Souq is one of the bigger bazaars in the area, located between Al-Sabkha Road, 107 Street and Naif Road.

If you want to buy pieces at a Dubai souq, you will need to decide whether you’re going to bargain, as this is a traditional method of purchase in the Dubai bazaars. While you don’t have to bargain and can pay the first price quoted, be aware that the opening number is usually around 50 percent higher than the merchant would normally sell the item for.

When bargaining, start with half the price you were quoted and work from there, going back and forth with the merchant until you get close to your opening offer. Don’t leave or immediately drop back down to your starting price, as this is viewed as rude and can get you blacklisted by the merchant and at other shops. An independent store around the souq may not engage in bargaining, but you can still ask for a discount, especially if you’re buying more than one piece at a time.

It’s easy and also fun to look for new furniture in Dubai, so why not give it a go?

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  1. If there is one thing I am not good at is haggling. i just can’t argue with a stranger over the price of something which might lose its worth once i take it home.

  2. This sounds very interesting getting furniture in Dubai. How would you pay for the shipping. I bet they have gorgeous furniture that is very well made and looks so much different than what we have in the US.

  3. interesting,,,I know in a few places in the carribean you can haggle over prices,,and Ive done some here for a new Vehicle a time or too,,,I like to haggle,,and not afraid to ask for a discount too,,,you never know what they will say


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