The Gamer’s Snack Equation: Forza Motorsport 5 + M&M’s = $10 eGift Card to Walmart


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Quick, what is the #1 coolest accessory for any video gamer? Whether it’s Forza Motorsport 5 or even Pong, there’s only one perfect answer! Well, I guess technically, it’d be a buddy to play against. But next up would be… snacks! Gamers love their goodies. And when it comes to snacking and smashing buttons, there’s really only a few perfect choices.

Chips of any sort are good but they can get real messy. Not just all over your shirt, the couch, the floor kind of messy. That’s what vacuums are for. I’m talking about messy in terms of gaming! You don’t want grease and salt and weird-colored powder all over your fingers while you’re holding tight to an Xbox One controller, do you? Not only will it get that controller all dirty and grimy looking but it can seriously affect your gameplay!

No, the most perfect of perfect snacks is something small, non-messy and delicious. I know two letters that fit the bill: M&M’s. Okay, technically that’s one letter just doubled up with an ampersand, but it’s true. M&M’s are a gamer’s perfect snack. Toss a ton in a bowl and grab what you need, when you want without fear of mess or slippery buttons.

I’ve always liked M&M’s and while they may get a bit crazy with all the different flavors, I am a huge fan of their pretzel M&Ms. You just can’t beat that sweet and salty combo. And now there are Party Size bags of the suckers, clocking in at 30.0 oz! Laughingly, they include a resealable zipper on top. Like I’m not going to finish that mega bag in one sitting. Challenge accepted, M&M’s!

Right now, if you head over to Walmart and purchase a large bag of M&Ms candy along with the speedtastic Forza Motorsport 5 for the Xbox One, you can get yourself a $10 eGift Card to Walmart! It’s all part of the Buy, Snap and Redeem program at Walmart!

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M&M’s aren’t just delicious, they’re pretty smart and frugal too! #shop

It’s real easy to do too. Just BUY a bag of participating M&M’s products and a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 at Walmart on the same visit. Then SNAP a photo of your receipt with both products circled on it, and text the image to 811811 with the word M&M on it. Sit back and wait for a return text with a reward code, which you can REDEEM for a $10 Walmart eGift Card!

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I just texted my receipt, so I’m eagerly waiting for my reward code. I’m not sure what I’ll spend my $10 Walmart eGift Card on, but maybe I’ll pick up another bag of M&M’s!

As for participating M&M’s products, the list includes: M&Ms Peanut 42oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Milk 42oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Peanut Butter 38oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Pretzel 30oz Stand Up Pouch, M&Ms Peanut 19.2oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Milk 19.2oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Peanut Butter 18.4oz Large Laydown Bag, M&Ms Pretzel 15.4oz Large Laydown Bag. Total M&M purchase must be at least $8 for offer to work, and the game and M&M’s purchase must be on the same receipt.

There’s also a really neat M&M’s contest going on right now to test your food artistic talent! Make some great art with your M&M’s and enter the M&M’s Pixel Art Instagram Contest.

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Just create your own pixelated masterpiece with M&M’s and you could win a pretty killer prize package including an Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5, and M&M’s! Contest runs through December 18, 2013, so hurry! There are some incredibly awesome creations on there already. I LOVE the Pikachu and Pac-Man ones! Now I”m ready to get my game (and snack!) on!

Anyone get an Xbox One yet? 

5 thoughts on “The Gamer’s Snack Equation: Forza Motorsport 5 + M&M’s = $10 eGift Card to Walmart”

  1. I know well the “snack factor” side ti video game enjoyment. Its true, a friend or parent to play with and against is vital to enjoying your game to the “max”. When video gamr parties occur in my home, lots of food and drink are mandatory. Everybody loves M&M’s and they should always be on scene and plentiful

  2. This is so true. I love a good snack while gaming. M&M’s are among my favorite snacks, especially the m&m’s peanuts, then it would have to be the pretzels. Nothing better then a quick sugar rush to beat your friends or the competition online. 🙂 Merry Christmas. I enjoyed your article.


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