AppJoy Gives You Free Gift Card Rewards Just for Playing Apps

The Internet’s full of scams. Hopefully you realize that by now and haven’t been victimized by any.

I’m amazed at the ridiculous emails I still get from that Prince in Nairobi looking to give me his fortune just for helping him transfer some funds. This poor guy’s been at it for years!

That said, there are also a lot of legit companies on the Web but they can get lost in the shuffle. I’ve written about Qmee before, where you can add a small plugin to your browser and earn cash simply by searching the Web. It’s easy, legit and they actually pay almost instantly. Definitely worth checking out.

Another option for earning free gift card rewards just by doing what you do every day anyway is AppJoy (aka AppNana) My nephew of all people turned me on to this one. Basically, you just have to download new apps and try them out (You really just need to open them and play for about 30 seconds. Some you’ll love and keep playing, while others you’ll stop and you can just delete from your device. Do that and you’ll earn Nanas. No, not bananas, that’d be silly. I said Nanas.

AppJoy AppNana Earn free gift card rewards

What are Nanas? Basically just points. Earn enough Nanas and you can redeem them for all sorts of free gift card rewards. Get free downloads of apps or way better, various gift cards such as Amazon, Xbox Live, iTunes, PlayStation, Steam and even PayPal.

Yes, you have to download a lot and play a lot of apps to get there but I’ve found it’s actually not as hard as it seems. Every app is different in point values and they change regularly, so just go for the big ones. You can even get 400 Nanas every day just by logging into your account!

AppNana earn gift cards
Each app lets you earn a different amount of Nanas. Any with a high amount (usually anything above 5,000) are generally apps you’ll need to pay for.

You won’t make a fortune off of this, but you can earn a little extra fun money. For example, I’m really into the Clash of Clans game and have been sorely tempted to do one of those in-game purchases to buy more “Gems.” It’s so tempting to easily and quickly unlock loads of stuff faster in my game. I don’t ever do that though.

But… I told myself if I earned $5 or $10 through AppJoy, I’d use that money for gems. And that’s exactly what I did! I earned enough Nanas to get a $5 PayPal reward. It was simple to redeem and the money as in my account within an hour.

Now, you can quickly earn a load of Nanas if you participate in certain offers or make certain purchases. I’ve never done that and only will if it’s something I was going to buy anyways. So that’s the only caveat I’d give you about AppJoy: just make sure that whatever app you download isn’t a paid app (Unless you want to pay). It’s pretty easy to tell before you even click a button, as the description tells you to “purchase the app.” Plus, the pay apps have a WAY higher payout rate in terms of Nanas.

Now if you sign up, please use the Invitation Code: a2063948

By doing that, I’ll earn 2,500 nanas (woo hoo!), but so will you!  (Double woot!). 

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to earn free gift card rewards, definitely give AppJoy a shot. Just know it can take a little bit of time to earn some of the larger rewards. But when you realize you’re basically getting paid to play games and watch trailers, well, that just makes it all worthwhile.

Do you use AppJoy already or something similar?
Let me know your thoughts or tips in the comments below!

AppJoy free gift card rewards
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Invitation Code: a2063948

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  2. I think this downloading and playing apps sounds like a good way to earn money if you have the time to do so and are careful. I do not think I am a good candidate as I just do not have the time. However, if I ever do, I will think about it. Thanks for the information.

  3. There are a lot of better apps than appnana right now…. try Crazylex (is only for iOS), you can win prizes like ps4, ipad mini, amazon gift cards, itunes gift cards, gamestop gift cards, and many many other sfuffs… try it for free… i’ts much better…

  4. I have heard of apps like these. There is also an app that will pay you when you workout. I am trying to look for it but can’t find it.

  5. What a great way to earn rewards or should I say Nanas. This is great for when you have time on your hands, and I love this can it opens you up to new apps, that you might just fall in love with.

  6. Interesting. Thanks for the review. I don’t normally do apps, but as they say “never say never”. I’ll keep this in mind.

  7. Help me get more points for my iTunes gift card! Go on your iOS Safari and input my invitation code g3429851


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