Get a $5 Lowes or Home Depot Gift Card for Filling out My Survey

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One of the cooler things about social media (and yes, I consider blogs to be part of social media) is the ability to reach a large and diverse audience. It’s a chance to instantly get opinions and suggestions straight from consumers themselves. Pretty powerful stuff, I’ve got to say. And yes, I know, I know. With great power must also come, great responsibility. I’m on it, no worries.

Recently, I was contacted to be part of a really cool initiative. I can’t tell you what company it’s for just yet, but they’re legit and pretty awesome. Seriously. I’ve used their products in the past and even have a few in my house right now.

They’re looking for people like myself who are pretty clueless when it comes to home repairs and doing small jobs around the house. If you’re not handy at all or can only manage some light fix-it jobs around the house (If you have kids, you most likely fall into that second category), they’re looking to get your opinions.

The DIY Research Panel is looking for some new members. To see if you qualify, simply take this short 2 minute survey. The first 100 of my readers who do qualify will get their choice of a $5 Home Depot or Lowes gift card! If you qualify after the first 100, you can still be part of the research panel, you just won’t get the gift card. But you will get to participate and be offered a number of similar opportunities in the future.

Everyone who does qualify will get a DIY Research Panel Welcome Kit which includes a free T-shirt. They’ll also get all sorts of information about future product tests and surveys. Basically, make it onto the Panel and you’ll have a ton of chances down the road to share your opinions and be rewarded for your time and effort.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone to help give direct feedback to a company, while earning some neat rewards.

Take the DIY Research Panel Qualifying Survey

(First 100 qualified entrants get a $5 Lowes or Home Depot Gift Card!)

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This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for this post, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company.

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