Happy 80th Birthday, Lego!

Happy 80th Birthday Party

Lego is celebrating its 80th Birthday today and man, the company doesn’t look a day over 30, does it?

I’ve loved (read: Obsessed over) Legos my whole life. I spent many a childhood on the Lego Moon with all my Lego minifig astronauts. I customized my own Lego superheroes (with a little imagination, those astronaut jetpacks can also work as capes).

As an adult, I still love Legos. My kids love Legos. The toys, the keychains, even the insanely fantastic Lego Video Games. In fact, it’s always tough when I get a new Lego set (like the superawesometastic Avengers Quinjet) and want to just sit quietly and put it together. How do you say no to your kids wanting to build Legos with you? Yes, these are indeed difficult times. 

Lego has been with me my whole life and I hope when I’m 95 years old, hobbling about in an old age home somewhere, I’ll still be able to sit down and put together an awesome Lego set. Mabye I’ll FINALLY get me that Lego Death Star I’ve been craving forever. Of course by then, I’ll need the “Large Print Edition” of their instructions.

Happy 80th Birthday Lego! Here’s to 80 more!

You can get a Free Exclusive Lego Birthday Cake with the purchase of any order over $50 at the Lego Shop!

2 thoughts on “Happy 80th Birthday, Lego!”

  1. I’m a bit older too, but man I enjoy Lego’s still so much. And I can’t blame you, me and my girlfriend have been eyeing that Lego Death Star for ages, but its so expensive. One day I’m sure!

    • Hey, Daniel. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I may be living in an old age home by the time I get it, but that Death Star will be mine!

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