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health care plans

Can we talk health insurance for a minute? No I’m not looking to get political at all but instead simply discuss the insanity of the complexities of health care plans.

To be fair, I pass the bulk of the craziness on to my wife. She’s unbelievably awesome at not letting health insurance slip anything by us or crush us in maximum confusion. We’ve had tons of different health care plans over the years, mostly from the different jobs I’ve had.

The hardest part was when I went full-time freelance for a few years and we had to really research dozens and dozens of different companies to find out which one offered us the best bang for our buck.

But it’s more than that. There are so many different abbreviations to consider. High premiums, low out-of-pocket costs. Different prices for visiting the ER, a virtual consult or an urgent care facility. And of course, every health plan isn’t just different from another plan… every health care plan is different for every family.

The size and age of your family will make a difference.  Do you know what it costs to have a baby? How about having minor surgery? Getting a flu shot? Getting that serious cough checked out at the local Urgent Care center?

Yep, it’s not easy staying on top of health insurance but no need to panic. There’s most definitely help out there.

UnitedHealthcare has just launched a brand new website to help folks like you and me learn the basic ins and outs of health care plans. What’s really neat is that it’s not a boring, stuffy site simply lecturing you on all the high-falutin’ laws, rules and regulations.

health care plans

Nope. What makes the new website highly effective is that it’s an entertaining and interactive hub that asks a simple overall question: Are You a Health Plan Pro?

Through a series of questions and puzzles, readers work through a number of interactive learning modules to get a good feel for what makes a health plan tick.

heath care plans

There are straight-up questions, price guessing and even a matching game to test your knowledge, as well as teach you along the way. If you get an answer wrong, not to worry. The quiz shows you the results after each stage, explaining what you got right or wrong. In the end, you’ll even get a final score, letting you know whether or not you are a Health Plan Pro!

health care plans

So apparently I’m not a full-on Health Plan Pro. Definitely not an expert. Though to be fair, I expected to score far worse. What’s great is that at the end, based upon your score, you’ll know if you need to do some more research or whether you feel confident enough to purchase the best plan for your family.

After finishing the quiz, you can enter into a $500 giveaway right there on the site. Yeah, you might actually end up learning about health plans and making money in the process. Crazy, huh?

Take the Are You a Health Plan Pro Quiz

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

health care plans

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  1. What confuses me is when you lose coverage as we get older. The older we get the less coverage we have, and this is when we need it the most.

  2. The most confusing thing regarding healthcare plans is coverage of services. It is hard to know exactly what is covered and what is not.


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