It’s Never-Miss TV with NBC TVEverywhere!


The biggest fight among married couples? Money. That’s for certain. Luckily, Allie and I don’t really argue too much in that area. So what do we fight about? TV.

No, it’s not even fights over who gets to control the remote. (Or the fact that she loves sleeping with a remote in the bed and my nocturnal OCD drives me bonkers if I roll over onto a TV control.).

Uh uh. The biggest fights we have are usually over the fact that I set the DVR wrong and we missed the latest episode of our favorite TV show. Yeah, I’ll take full credit for screwing up every time. But to be fair, there are just soooo many buttons to press to record just one show.

Well apparently I’m not the only one. Or else, NBC really, really, really feels bad for me and they’re looking to throw me a bone. Because Thanks to NBC and the wonderful World Wide Web, I can just hop on my computer (Or jump on the couch with my laptop!) and catch up on some of our favorite shows.


One big one we couldn’t wait for (and have a bit of binge-watching to catch up on) is Heroes Reborn! We totally loved the original series from years back that saw ordinary people with extraordinary powers just try to live their lives while also saving the world. “Save the cheerleader, save the world” was a fantastic slogan!

Now Heroes Reborn tells an epic 13-episode series from original creator/executive producer Tim Kring! Newfound heroes (and villains!) set the stage, but they will most definitely cross paths with some Heroes of old including Hiro Nakamura! Gotta love that guy.

Over on NBC’s website, you can catch up on the first 10 full episodes of Heroes Reborn. (The show returns on January 7, so plenty of time to catch up!) And yes, it’s absolutely free, so why waste time arguing over who screwed up the DVR? (Totally wasn’t me this time! No, really!) Instead, give NBC’s tech team a big ol’ hug and jump online for some major binge watching.

What else do they have available? Loads of great series including The Blacklist, The Voice, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD!


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What are your favorite NBC shows?

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  1. I dont watch a tn on NBC except thats our local news station. I aam so close to ditchin cable, ad really its getting crazy. I might have to check this out.


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