How Colgate Mouthwash Can Save My Marriage #TotalSmile

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Colgate #TotalSmile

I have year-round allergies. They definitely get worse in the summer with all the pollen, but it’s dust mites that are my arch enemy. Bad allergies mean two things, both of which are no fun for my beautiful, understanding wife. Yeah, I’m talking about snoring and… bad breath. Thankfully some genius invented mouthwash.

Now, I can lose weight and that will certainly help the snoring, but it won’t do much for my allergy breath. That’s why I use mouthwash as much as I can. I’ve tried a number of different brands and flavors over the years and recently discovered some that are alcohol-free. Those not only feel way better to use (they don’t have that intense burning sensation in your mouth), but they’re healthier for you too.

When I learned that Colgate had a new mouthwash available, I was eager to give it a shot, especially since it’s also alcohol free. Always wanting to show the importance of good oral hygiene to our kids (they floss, brush and fluoride every night), I figured we’d make a trip of it. So off to the mall we went! (For a more detailed look at our shopping trip, you can check out the Google+ photo album I created.)

Target Bound

After taking care of a few errands (which, of course, always includes window shopping for video games), we hit one of our favorite stores: Target. The kids ran off to the toy aisles, while I went in search of mouthwash. I figured it’d be right near the toothpaste and shockingly I was correct.

What I didn’t expect, however, was an aisle filled with so many different types of mouthwash. Just look at them all!

Mouthwash Aisle

I found my way to the Colgate Total Mouthwash section and noticed it comes in three flavors:  Peppermint Blast, Spearmint Surge and Wintermint Rush. Or if you speak in terms of “kid flavors” it comes in Blue, Green and Purple.

I debated between Peppermint and Spearmint, ultimately deciding on the Peppermint.


I already trust the Colgate brand. I mean, they’ve been around for, what, like 300 years or something? I remember using Colgate toothpaste when I was a little kid myself. But the thing I wasn’t sure of was how it’d taste and how it’d work.

Only one way to find out! Down the hatch! (Well, no, I didn’t swallow it, but you get the idea.)

Colgate Total Mouthwash

Swish for 30 seconds.

Mouthwash swish

Aaaaaaaaand spit.

Mouthwash Spit

Yep, I sure know how to take flattering pictures don’t I? Anyways, like I said, Colgate Total mouthwash is non-alcoholic, so it didn’t burn at all. It actually tasted nice and left my mouth with a fresh, clean feeling. No tingling or bad after taste at all, unlike some mouthwashes I’ve tired in the past.

Now, my kids are too young to use mouthwash, but I like to show them that I use it. They do learn by example, after all. Plus they love seeing me spit “blue juice” into the sink. And by “love,” I mean they shout, “Ewww!” and laugh and scream at the same time.

I definitely want to give the Spearmint and Wintermint flavors a try. And luckily, there’s a good deal going on at Target right now. You can get a $1 off coupon for select Colgate Total items. Or visit the Colgate website for a 75-cents off coupon right now.

While Colgate can’t help me out with my snoring, it can at least help me out with my allergy breath and keep the romance alive in my marriage. Otherwise, I may soon find myself sleeping in the guest room…

Which Colgate Total Mouthwash flavor would you like to try?

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  1. I’d go for the Peppermint, too. It’s important that a mouthwash have no alcohol, BTW – because it is very drying to the oral soft tissue, and and actually CAUSES more bad breath once the initial blast of flavor/scent is gone.


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