How Do You Explain the Devastating Typhoon Haiyan to Your Kids When the Philippines Are So Far Away? #channelonenews

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This weekend I showed my kids something that I thought they’d find boring: Statistics. Specifically, I was looking at my latest Google Analytics report for Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. For you non-bloggers (or non-website owners) out there, Google Analytics is the ultimate reporting tool for your site. You can select a timeframe (this week, this month, etc.) and pull up real pertinent facts like number of unique visitors, time spent on each visit and total number of page views.

But the one stat that my kids couldn’t get enough of? The Geo Targeting stat that tells you what countries your visitors are from. I was shocked to see that over 97 different countries were represented on my blog over the past 30 days. (Hi, South Africa!) They loved seeing the different flags and seeing how people  from all over the world somehow use their computer to find my little ol’ piece of the internet.

Jason’s always been kind of interested in that sort of thing, which is why we bought him a globe for Hanukkah a few years ago. So while my boys may not be the best at identifying where every country is, they do have a bit of a global mindset. But as we’ve never traveled with them outside of the U.S., it’s tough at times for them to understand when huge events happen around the world.

Take the recent tragedy in the Philippines, where a typhoon has wiped out roughly 10,000 innocent lives. That’s a horrific tragedy on a rather large scale. But it’s in the Philippines. So how do I get that across to my kids when it’s something that’s happened in a country they’ve probably barely even heard of?

My wife very briefly told the kids what happened, as we figured they may be discussing it in school. But all she really told them was that 10,000 people were killed by a typhoon in the Philippines. They were floored at the number of victims and I knew they understood what she was saying, but that was it. They didn’t ask where the Philippines was or how did this happen or what can we do to help. Looking back, Allie and I should’ve discussed this with them in greater detail. Get them more involved in thinking (and helping) victims like this. Of course, it’s not too late to have that talk now too.

As a Channel One News Blog Ambassador, I’ve already mentioned how great this online news network is for kids. And for parents too! It doesn’t just explain the news (which often involves some rough topics) in a format that’s easier for kids to digest and understand, but it helps teach parents the best ways to talk to their kids about the latest happenings around the world.

Philippines Typhoon
Find loads of information and great resources for helping the Philippines.

Thanks to  Channel One News, there are some wonderful resources available for how to help the Philippines. You’ll find loads of information and links to help you explain what happened, as well as how you and your kids can help the victims of this tragedy.

They’ve also done a great job of covering the event on their regular news program. Do a search for “typhoon” in the Video Library, and you’ll find a number of segments you can watch with your kids to really get the point across. From correspondents on the scene, you’ll see actual devastation and meet residents who lived through this natural disaster. Channel One News also does  a fantastic job of explaining exactly what a typhoon is and where the Philippines are located, courtesy of a number of colorful maps. Wait till you see the shot from space that shows how massive Typhoon Haiyan truly was.

I know when you’re a kid, anything outside of your own little town can seem like a foreign country. But showing our children that there really is an entire world out there that’s full of kids just like them is an important lesson. Hopefully, thanks to Channel One News, it’s a lesson that won’t be too tough to teach.

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 Did you discuss the Philippines typhoon with your kids?

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  1. its hard to explain why things happened the way they do,,shooting of children,kidnapping,,murder,theives,,,an mother nature,,I usually try to answer the questions as simply as possible an wait to see if there are any other questions they have,,its hard to know what to say,but just be honest an keep the answer as simple as possible


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