How Does Aquaman Use a Cell Phone… or Don’t Get Your iPhone Wet!

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I can’t imagine living today without a smart phone, let alone a regular ol’ cell phone.I still remember when my wife and I got our first cell phone. We actually shared a number at first, if I remember correctly. It was really only for super emergencies, after her parents had trouble getting a hold of us on the regular phone.

Nowadays, my iPhone is more than just a phone to me. I hate talking on the phone anyways. But now, it’s like I’m carrying around a miniature version of my computer. I am attached at the hip to my email. I no longer fear long waits at the doctor’s office.

There are some serious dangers to cell phones though. No, I’m not talking about any crazy cancer-causing radio waves they might be emitting. Nor am I talking about texting while driving. (Please, please, PLEASE stop doing that, everyone!)

No. What I’m talking about is the biggest danger to cell phones everywhere. The washing machine!

Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with accidentally washing my cell phone. And yes, I just realized I’ve now eternally jinxed myself. My wife, on the other hand, wanted to clean her phone once, so she put it in the wash with her clothes one day. Okay, okay. Just kidding about the wanting to clean it part. She did forget it was in her pocket once, and proceeded to wash it.

We tried saving the poor thing but it was just water soaked. We took the battery out, tried drying the whole thing but it just laughed at us and wouldn’t even turn on. Another cell phone sacrificed to the mobile gods.

If only we had known some of the newer tips and tricks to saving your cell phone when it’s dropped in water. If you look at that article on WikiTalks, you’ll see some great suggestions about drying all the pieces of your phone. I espeically like the idea to use a Q-Tip to get into all the little crevices you may’ve missed. Plus, putting it in with dried rice could also help pull out a lot of the moisture. Some really good tips!

Whether you drop your phone in the toilet, the pool or the washing machine, you’ve got to act super fast if you have any hope of saving that bad boy. And if you’re Aquaman, geez, I have no clue how you’d ever get the thing to work!

It is pretty baffling, though, that we spend literally hundreds of dollars on cell phones and casually toss them around. Screens can crack. They can get dirty or wet.You’d think that we’d all take better care of them somewhat.

Maybe one day some company will come up with the perfect waterproof/scratch-proof type phone itself, so you won’t even need a case. Of course, I doubt that’ll ever happen. If it did, you’d be happy with your phone for decades, never needing to replace it!

What horrible things have you done to your cell phone?

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  1. we have had to do the rice thing with my husband’s phone, it worked and gave the tip to my mother in law when she dropped her phone in the toiled

  2. I was cleaning the pool one day, from the side, and fell in with my phone in my pocket. Luckily its a G’zOne and it continued to work without any problems. I could probably make a call from under water!


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