Iceland with Kids 


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When considering essential family holiday destinations, it’s fair to say that Iceland will not feature on many people’s top ten lists. Perhaps it should, however, for the country has something unique to offer. With its magical landscapes and unspoiled, natural scenery, Iceland makes for an interesting and untamed vacation destination: just the sort, in fact, that can imbue your children with a life-long love of travel.

Here are a few more reasons you might want to take the trip.


A progressive tourist board has led to the creation of many affordable flight deals. You can stop for up to seven nights in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, before moving on to your next European destination.


We’ve hinted at this above but, truly, the scenery has to be seen to be believed. Did you know, for instance, that roughly a third of the island is still volcanically active? Factor in the numerous species of wildlife, waterfalls, lakes, geysers and, of course, the glaciers and fjords, and you have a wealth of photo opportunities at your disposal.

Child-friendly activities 

There is a range of child-friendly activities on offer in Iceland. These vary from horse riding to whale watching in Reykjavik, and even include swimming in geo-thermal pools. The fact that most Icelanders speak excellent English makes things a lot easier for tourists who struggle with unconventional vowel sounds.

Natural attractions 

Iceland boasts a range of natural attractions. If there is one must see, then it is the Blue Lagoon, an iconic spa destination with sulphurous water and steam rising all around. Definitely one for all the family.


Travel on buses is free for under 12’s, which opens a variety of possibilities. Our tip is to take in Gulfoss and Thingvellirthe former a spectacular waterfall, the latter a wonderful park that doubles as the location where the North American and European plates are moving apart.

The long nights 

Iceland is much warmer than you might think and in the summer, it barely gets dark. The long days can be tiring but provide you and the kids with a real sense that they have travelled somewhere exotic.


All the above adds up to an unforgettable experience. Kids grow from the experience of being taken away from their comfort zones. Being somewhere so totally removed from their everyday existence, will be a memory that remains with them for a long time after the holiday comes to an end.

Image by m’sieur rico used under the Creative Commons license


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  1. You’re right, I never would have thought about going to Iceland, but it sure sounds beautiful, that photo is breath taking. I’d love to take the kids on a far away vacation, for now we make do with the staycations. I’d love to do the Whale watching myself… I’m going to need to look into this.

  2. Strangely enough Iceland is one of the places that I’ve always wanted to visit but I’ve never managed to get there so far. That photos shows how beautiful Iceland is. 🙂

  3. I love the pictures! I do have admit though Iceland has never been on my radar as a vacation spot. Goodness I live in the Midwest and am freezing to pieces right now. I am fascianted by the culture though, it sounds amazing and interesting.

  4. Iceland is gorgeous! And I think you can see the Northern Lights from there, which would be a dream come true! I’ve seen tons of pictures but it would be so much more amazing to see everything in person!

  5. You know, I’ve never said, “I want to go to Iceland someday.” Your post makes me curious though and that photo is gorgeous.


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