Join Me at the #Genworth Twitter Party – Retirement Planning, Amazon Gift Card Giveaways

Retirement Planning #Genworth

I’ve always wanted to take part in a Twitter Party. I’ve jumped in and out of a few before (and accidentally stumbled into some on occasion), but I’ve never fully participated in one. Until now!

As part of campaign with Brandfluential, I’ll be one of a group of fantastic bloggers joining in on Tuesday night for a Genworth Twitter Party to discuss retirement planning. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. “Retirement? Feh. That’s like decades away, why should I care now?” Well if that’s your attitude, then you 100% should join us at this party to learn about what your future holds and how you can help shape it to meet your needs down the road.

The Genworth Twitter Party will be honing in on “Retirement Planning” and tackling all sorts of retirement-related questions such as when to retire, how to prepare for it, and should you consider looking into annuities?

Oh and did I mention that there’s also going to be loads of prizes too? Just for showing up and participating, you have a shot at winning a $25- $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

I know you guys love giveaways, well here’s another opportunity to instantly take home a great prize just for joining in on a fabulous and invaluable conversation!

I would LOVE to have you guys join us! (Just between you and me, I can use all the Twitter support I can get! And come on, would it really kill you to swing bye and say how @Mommys_Busy is like the greatest blog of all time and you can’t wait to retire and start your own blog just like it? Yeah, maybe that’s a little much…)

Genworth Twitter Party with Brandfluential

Retirement Planning: What does YOUR future hold? The time to start is now!

Date:  Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at  8 pm Central/9 pm EST

Hashtag: #Genworth


Assisting Bloggers (All worth following regardless of the party!):
Kathleen  @KBunn
Shell @notquitesusie
Andrew @mommys_busy (Hey, that’s me!)
Audrey @Barking_Mad
Kenda @RemakingJune
Cat @FoodFamilyFinds
Liz @blueviolet
Sara @SensiblySara
Marina @mommysnippets
Colleen @shibleysmiles

It’s not getting any easier to predict the future, or how changing conditions will affect your consumer retirement strategies. We will ask and answer very important questions like:

  • What does your future hold?
  • When do you expect to retire – sooner or later?
  • How have you prepped for the future and what can you do from this point forward?
  • What is an annuity and is it right for you?

Prizes: 4 prizes provided by Brandfluential to random winners using Hashtag during party
(1) $25 Amazon gift card
(1)  $50 Amazon gift card
(1)  $75 Amazon gift card
(1)  $100 Amazon gift card

Set your calendars now and join us: October 29 at 8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Eastern!
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8 thoughts on “Join Me at the #Genworth Twitter Party – Retirement Planning, Amazon Gift Card Giveaways”

  1. Oh how I would love my hubby to retire at 20 yrs in, but alas unless we win the lotto, we better start planning. Boy do we need some advice like this!

  2. I am so going to try to make this,,my husband is nearing retirement age in a few years an id like to know if we are prepared enough

        • I’m new to it too, Vickie! But all you need to do is hop on Twitter at 9pm ET and follow the hashtag #Genworth.

          Then just respond to our questions and prompts USING THE HASHTAG. That makes you eligible for prizes, which will be given out during the party pulled from those who are active on the hash.

          I recommend following everyone on the Twitter list above too so you can keep up with the party even better. Looking forward to chatting, er, tweeting with ya!!!


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