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Mosquitos bite. They really really do. Last summer I wrote about how the pesky little varmints view me as an all-you-can-eat human buffet, but thanks to DynaTrap, I finally feel safe enough to explore the great outdoors.

I remember bug zappers from when I was a kid. They were always loud and kind of, well, just nasty to even think about. A more modern alternative, DynaTrap is one nifty contraption that’s so simple yet so effective at eliminating mosquitos and other flying insects. Best of all, it doesn’t even use any chemicals.

How’s the DynaTrap work? Simple. It attracts mosquitos and other flying bugs and then uses its fan to pull them down to the basket at the bottom which you can easily take off and dump out regularly. There are a number of models available that can cover up to a full acre of your yard!

Just plug this bad boy in and run it around the clock for a good six weeks to completely break the life cycle of mosquitos in your area. DynaTrap’s tough enough to withstand all varieties of weather, so no need to worry about it being outside if it’s raining.


Spring is just around the corner, so now’s the best time to start stocking up on your arsenal to beat those bugs this summer! It’s even a more perfect time right now to purchase a DynaTrap since there’s a very special promotion launching on QVC (TV and this Sunday! However, you can get an early jump on these with a pre-sale promotion at!


DynaTrap is offering its DT1100-DEC 1/2 acre traps and DT2000XL-DEC full acre traps at a remarkable value through QVC. So if you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), be sure to swing over to today to grab one of these fantastic chemical-free units.


Additionally, you’ll want to set your clocks for 3pm ET on Sunday so you can join me and a gaggle of bloggers for a #GuardYourYard Twitter Party! Be sure to follow @Mommys_Busy and @DynaTrap to join in the bug bashing talk. Besides learning all about DynaTrap’s modern mosquito machine, you’ll also have the opportunity to win more than $250 in prizes!

Peak mosquito season is rapidly approaching so don’t be left scratching your head (and your entire body!) wondering what went wrong. Grab a DynaTrap now and join our chat on Sunday!


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