MakeItCount™ at the Gas Pump + $50 Marathon Gift Card Giveaway

This rewarding post was brought to you by Marathon as part of an online campaign. While I was compensated for writing it, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Star Wars Action Figure Boba Fett
Yep, over 35 years later, I still have my original Boba Fett action figure! Now, that’s loyalty.

I’ve always been a huge fan of reward programs. When I was little, I remember cutting out the little proof of purchase symbols on the packaging of my Star Wars action figures. Once I collected enough, I could mail them in and about 6 to 8 weeks later, an exclusive figure would show up in my mailbox.

I’ll never forget the feeling of holding the elusive Boba Fett in my hands.

Nowadays, I can toss the scissors aside and do it all via apps or even automatically with reward programs tied to my credit cards. What’s more, while I do still buy the occasional action figure, these days rewards programs are much more about saving money. Honestly, there’s so many good savings out there that people just don’t realize.

Marathon Gas Station MakeItWork

Take Marathon MakeItCount™ Rewards program. It’s completely free to join and by doing so, you will automatically get at least 5 cents off every gallon when you fill up at a participating Marathon gas station. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

That’s 5 cents off every gallon.

Every day.

And look, there aren’t even any hoops to jump through!

By being a MakeItCountRewards member, you can  earn points on gas and select store items at thousands of Marathon stations, airfare from Southwest and hotels at Wyndham. You can also earn points at retail stores like Petco, Target and even Domino’s pizza.

So yes, you can earn free pizza simply by filling your car up with gas from Marathon. If that isn’t the American Dream, I truly don’t know what is!


The thing is, it’s not just my wife and I that could fill up our cars regularly at the pump. My oldest son Jason doesn’t have his driver’s license yet (don’t worry, I’ll warn you all when it’s time), but he is practicing on the road nowadays. That means sometime soon, the car will need to be fueled up much more often than once per week.

And when school is in full session, things really get crazy.

Between my younger son Ryan’s Cross Country practices and races, and Jason’s after school robotics club, there are loads of late pickups. Not to mention all the doctor appointments, guitar and viola lessons, volunteering, concerts, clothes shopping (these kids seem to keep growing if you continue to feed and water them), and just driving the kids to their friends’ houses to hang out.

Yeah, I’m exhausted just writing all of that.

­Imagine how my wife feels doing all of that back and forth driving throughout the school year, while also juggling a full-time job. That’s where the convenience and quickness of filling up at Marathon is a huge help. And, of course, MakeItCount™ helps reward our family even as she deals with a crazy busy parenting schedule.

MarathonHow to use MakeItCount™

To use your MakeItCount™ membership at the pump, you can either swipe your member card or enter your MakeItCount™ ID before entering your payment. Then simply watch the savings (and points) add up.

You can sign up for MakeItCount™ online at or even download the free MakeItCount™ app to easily take it with you everywhere you go.

Maybe you can’t earn a cool Star Wars action figure when you fill up (at least not yet!), but with all that money you’re saving and points you’re earning, you’ll soon find yourself with just a little bit more. And a little bit more adds up over time to a lot more.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and be rewards driven!

Additionally, to help celebrate the Marathon MakeItCount™ Rewards Program, Marathon has provided me with a $50 Gift Card to reward one of my loyal readers. Enter with the widget below.

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Become a MakeItCount™ Rewards Member

Be Rewards Driven

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  1. Marathon stations opened up in my area about 5 years ago. Even before that, I would stop a particular Marathon station in Indiana along my travels. I hope to be traveling again soon!

  2. this would come in handy once the shelter in place is lifted more so we can go and visit my parents in another state.

  3. There is a new Marathon gas station near my cats vet office. It would be nice to win this gas gift card to save some money this summer. Thanks for the chance!

  4. There is a Marathon gas station less than a half mile from our house and who couldn’t use some extra cash for fuel!


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