Mega Monsters University Giveaway! (Ends 11/24/13)

Monsters University Giveaway Walmart


Last weekend I finally got to see Monsters University. My in-laws had taken the kids to see it when it came out, and Allie and I just never got around to watching it. Yes, we’re the type of couple who would actually go to the theater without kids to see a cartoon. That’s just how we roll.

But we were too swamped at the time to see this Monsters Inc. sequel and decided instead to wait for the DVD. Well, when Allie went away for a girls’ weekend with her college friends, I didn’t skip a beat. Monster’s University was On Demand, so I demanded that the boys and I watch it! And watch it we did!

Sure, it was tough keeping Ryan from spoiling anything throughout the film. He kept saying, “Oh, that’s not his roommate.” Or “Just wait till you see who wins the competition. It’s not really…” Thankfully, Jason’s constant, “RYAN! QUIET! YOU’LL RUIN IT FOR DADDY!” remarks kept the ending from being spoiled. Mostly.

I gotta hand it to PIxar. Monsters Inc. was one of my favorites and they’ve delivered an absolute perfect sequel with Monsters University. Or prequel, if you’d like. Full of the same charm (and voices!) as the original, Monsters University is as adorable as it is hilarious.

If they make 10 more Monsters films in the franchise, I have complete faith that all 10 will hold up to these two as well. Best of all? Yeah, Allie still hasn’t seen it, so I get to see it again soon!

Take a look at some screenshots from the educational scarefest!

Okay, come on. If this widdle biddy Mike Wazowski doesn’t elicit a collective “Awwwwww” out of you readers, then your hearts are made of stone. Stone, I tell ya!


Here’s little Mikey a bit older and off to college!


Mike and Sully’s initial in-person meeting is… well, not quite what you’d expect.


I’m super excited to be teaming up with the always-entertaining and LB to bring you guys an incredibly awesome Monsters University Giveaway. I’m actually kind of upset about hosting this giveaway, though, because I really want to win it myself!

What can you win? Only the coolest, most monstrous gift pack ever! Peep your eyes (or eye) on this:

  • A Disney Infinity starter pack with a Mike Wazowski figurine
  • The original Monsters Inc Blu-ray/DVD
  • A $50 Walmart Gift Card! 

So how do you enter? Just watch these Monsters University video clips and share your favorite through the rafflecopter widget below. Lots of bonus entries available too!

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270 thoughts on “Mega Monsters University Giveaway! (Ends 11/24/13)”

  1. I could watch a whole series of shorts based on Little Mike. That’s why I like the Roar Omega Roar bit, because it plays into that stuff about Mike not always being small as a kid (and older too).

  2. My favorite scene is in the 1st trailer. I like the dorm scene when Mike kisses Sully’s hand and Mike complains that Sully sheds.

  3. My favorite is the ROR Material. I like the part where Mike knocks down all the fur Sully was shedding from the bed. LOL! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like the trailer! But I really did like this movie… especially the different monster games they do! Still love the first movie the most, but this was a very good prequel!

  5. I saw Monsters University near the time it came out. I thought it was great, though I enjoyed the first one more, which I watched soon after seeing Monsters University. My favorite clip? I’m not sure, probably the first one. I hadn’t seen these before, I only saw the very short trailer, where the monsters turned Mike into a disco ball. That would have been great in the movie! 🙂

  6. To be truthful I don’t really know what my favorite scene is because I never watched Monster University but I would love to see it

  7. Thank you for the contest.I like when Sully & Mike are in their dorm room & Mike say’s sully is shedding. I saw this movie with my grandson.So good.

  8. Head to our Monsters University page and tell me your fav scene they have listed (see the videos)

    the tredmill scene was cool..thanks

  9. I love Knight School. That movie is so cool. My husband and I got a sitter to watch our kids so we could go see it at the theaters.

  10. I liked ROR Material. This movie lived up to my expectations. We saw it at the theatre and would love to see it again. My youngest son watched Monsters, Inc. just about everyday when he was 3!


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