I Finally Scratch Mosquitos Off My List of Things That Bug Me


Summer is finally here! While I’m not the biggest fan of heat and humidity, I do absolutely love heading to the backyard with the boys to have a catch, play some whiffle ball or toss a frisbee around.

My favorite part of summer? Grilling! Tossing on some burgers and hot dogs is just the ultimate in summer fun.

Except… well, there’s one big problem I face every single summer. One thing I fear more than anything outside.

No, it’s not sunburn. Or poison ivy. Or even bears or snakes.

It’s… mosquitos.

Stop laughing, it’s true! Those little buggers absolutely love me. I could be outside for literally 30 seconds and come in with a bracelet of mosquito bites around my ankles and up and down my arms. And we’re talking huge welts here, not tiny little bug bites.

My wife, on the other hand, could be wearing mosquito-attracting perfume, standing outside in the humidity at dusk for hours and come in with not a bite on her.

Yes, mosquitos do seriously love me. My mom always said, “It’s because you’re so sweet.” Nice sentiment but doesn’t help when I’m spending 23 hours a day scratching myself.

So how do I combat these modern-day vampires? Sadly, the only way I can really go outside comfortably in the summer is by dressing appropriately.


Yeah, it could be 99 degrees outside and I’m wearing boots, jeans, a hoodie, hat, scarf and winter coat. Oh yeah, and gloves. Definitely gloves.

Not really the optimal way to spend a summer outside with your family is it?

DynaTrap #GuardYourYard

But my problems may finally be solved thanks to a nifty little contraption called the DynaTrap! It’s a really simple yet cutting-edge way to eliminate mosquitos and other flying insects. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t use any chemicals.


It’s so simple to install, even a Non-Handy Man like myself can get it up and running in mere minutes. You simply plug it in, hit the on switch and, well, that’s it.

The DynaTrap works by attracting mosquitos and other flying insects and then uses a fan to pull them down into a netted basket at the bottom which you can easily remove and dump on a regular basis. As part of a #GuardYourYard Campaign with DynaTrap and Life of Dad, I was sent a unit to review.

It was real simple to put together and I plan on hanging it in the backyard so that we can not only grill and eat outside in the summer but the kids and I can play all sorts of games back there without worrying about my arch-nemesis the mosquito!


So long, mosquitos! #GuardYourYard #DynaTrap #LifeOfDad #Ad @lifeofdad

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Depending upon the model you purchase, DynaTrap can treat up to a half-acre or full acre. You simply let it run 24/7 and then within six full weeks, you’ll have broken the life cycle of mosquitos in your area and can enjoy the great outdoors without being swarmed by swarms.

This thing is super quiet and durable so it can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. There’s no zapping, no buzzing and no pesticides or chemicals.


So what does DynaTrap mean to me? It means no more hiding behind winter clothes in the summer! No more backyard avoidance. And no more staring out the window at the empty green grass that should be filled with kids running around chasing after frisbees and whatnot.

It means more exercise! More running around outside. More family time. And best of all, more grilling!

If you’re interested in giving DynaTrap a try, now’s the perfect time to do it! You can get 20% off the entire Store when you use the coupon code: LIFEOFDAD. The discount code is valid through Friday June 24, so hurry!


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Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and DynaTrap for this promotion.

11 thoughts on “I Finally Scratch Mosquitos Off My List of Things That Bug Me”

  1. I love this! Mosqitos are such an issue here in CA during the summer too. My kids and I go out at night when it cools down and that is when we get bit like crazy!

  2. I sure could use the DynaTrap as we have so many mosquitoes where I live. These little monsters just eat me alive. I even find them in my ears.

  3. What an interesting product. I would love to have this in the backyard so we could use our deck more often. The mosquitoes get bad here.

  4. DynaTrap! is all what i need to be safe form these day time vampires as you describe them.here in africa mosquitoes as been a big issue, so am so interested on getting afew DynaTrap! for me and my relatives. thanks so much for sharing this great article.

  5. Had my first cook out of summer yesterday and the mosquitos weren’t too bad but other insects were annoying. I know I will be needed one of these for the next one. Thank you for the review.

  6. I definitely need one of these contraptions. They mosquitos come right for me as soon as I walk outside. I’m curious to know how effective they are.

  7. Mosquitos are my arch enemy. Like you, they are just attracted. I was Googling some reasons, and it said type O blood, and secretors meaning they secrete the blood type (about 85% do) They like secretors of all types more than non secretors. They say those who breathe out more get bit faster- exercising, being larger, anything that makes carbon dioxide. Lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia and other substances expelled via sweat and genetics.
    I might look into one of these units… zappers kill things that are good for the environment and this makes more sense.

  8. Funny video, but seriously I have to cover up when working in my garden and use all the Deet I can. This sounds like a great solution. I need 2, one for our gardens and one for the outdoor area I never get to enjoy because of the mosquitoes.


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