No Drapes Alive Could Match This Carpet

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AMC Carpet

When Allie and I first got married, we moved into a nice apartment. It was a pretty huge place, especially for just two of us. Nice size Master Bedroom, second bedroom we used as an office for both of us, huge living room/dining room and a small kitchen.

As far as first apartments go, it was pretty solid. Except for two things… the 6,000,000 steps we had to climb to get to the apartment in the first place, and, well, the carpet.

Yeah, most of the apartment was in pretty good, fairly modern shape. The carpeting, however, was old, thin, worn, stained and, worst of all, pretty darn hideous. I swear it looked like someone threw up Muppet chunks every which way. Name a color, go ahead. Yep, it was in there.

Now we tried scrubbing the thing clean ourselves and even considered contacting a green choice carpet cleaning service. We’re both semi environmentalists (we recycle! I drive a hybrid!) and love going green when we can. But before we could make any calls at all, however, we got lucky.

As a wedding present, a friend of ours generously bought us brand-new carpeting. And it was glorious. So soft. So fresh. So clean.

Thing is, like most newlyweds, we were young and in love. We were also naive and kind of dumb. Yeah, we picked a super light beige as the carpet color. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it looked gorgeous. Completely changed the entire look and feel of the place.

I no longer feared coming home from work to play another round of “Guess which stain is the new one.” So with a beautiful, fresh new, light beige carpet, what do you think was the first thing my lovely new wife did? Go on, guess.

Yeah, I don’t remember how many days it took exactly, but it was pretty much within the first week of getting the new carpeting. Allie went into the hall closet, grabbed the big bottle of laundry detergent and… OOPS, dropped it on the floor. Good thing those things have caps, right?

Yep. Except the cover popped right off and the bright blue liquid spilled out into a huge pool. Where was this, you may ask? Why, only in the Middle. Of. The. Living. Room.

Even after mopping it all up with a few dozen rolls of paper towels, our living room still looked like a crime scene from CSI: Smurf Village.

We never did get that stain fully cleaned up (we really should have called those carpet cleaners, I guess) and by the end of the first year, we moved out to a smaller, cheaper place anyways. But at least we learned a very valuable lesson: Always buy clear detergent.

What are your carpet horror stories?

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  1. My almost 4 year old saw this picture and said “Wow, I love that floor. Whose floor is that?!” Lol. While renting apartments in college and while owning and renting out a duplex, my husband and I have a lot of carpet horror stories!


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