Of Bathroom Vanities and Eyeballs

Unless you’re doing some renovating in your home, you probably never really think about bathroom vanities. I, on the other hand always think about them. And it’s solely because of my eyes.

Since I wear contact lenses, I always put them on first thing after I shower each day. Which means I need a bit of room next to the sink to put my lens case. There’ve been so many times at hotels where the sink is literally just the sink. No real vanity. No counter space. Definitely not fun trying to stick a paper thin lens into your eye without any real room.

That’s one of the main reasons I love the house we’re in now. The Master Bedroom has a really nice modern bathroom with one of those deep bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets. But it also has a super long vanity with two sinks and lots of counter space in between them. So I never have to worry about finding room for my saline and contact lenses.

And yes, that tub is pretty magnificent. Though I think my kids enjoy it more than I do!

Growing up in my parents’ house I definitely remember when we got our main bathroom redone. Floors were ripped up. Windows were cut out. A new tub, toilet and vanity were installed. It was chaos for a week or so while they worked on it, but afterwards I remember just loving it. Everything was just brighter and a bit roomier.

My dad redid the small bathroom we had downstairs himself. I remember him painstakingly putting in the new tiles, as well as a small vanity. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do something like that myself. As I’ve said before, I’m much better at breaking things than fixing or building things.

I’m not sure when we’ll ever get around to renovating our bathrooms in our home. They’re all in great shape and the house is less than 10 years old, so I doubt we’ll have any reason for quite some time. I think finishing the basement is tops on our list. But of course, with a finished basement comes a bathroom. Which means… yes, another vanity.

What do you look for in a bathroom vanity?

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  1. I always have trouble tightening the screw on my glasses. Cannot see them without my glasses on. Maybe I need a new big, well lit bathroom. Is your father available?


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