Of Moms, Jobs and Online Degrees

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Allie’s been talking a lot lately about pursuing a new career. Before the kids were born, she was an 8th Grade Earth Science teacher. Crazy, I know. She gave it up when the boys were born to take on the most important job any individual can take on: raising our kids.

About a year or two ago, she starting working part time as a tutor to help make some extra money. She’s really enjoying it but lately she’s been talking about looking into more of a career. Specifically, becoming a paralegal.

No, she doesn’t have any legal background, but she’s a highly organized person with a lot of office experience. A few friends have mentioned it to her and so she’s started thinking about it.

I think she’ll be fantastic at whatever she puts her mind too. And I found it funny and even a bit reassuring when I saw this infographic from Vista College. It runs down a number of interesting stats when it comes to moms, jobs and educations. What stands out most to me, is that paralegal is one of five popular and attainable degrees you can get online.

Calling All Moms

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