Online Parenting Just Got Easier with #FSecureSAFE


#F-Secure SAFE

My boys are 10 and 13. And as similar as they are with some things, they’re also just as different.

My oldest has never cursed a day in his life. He even gets upset when Allie and I spew some profanity. Our younger son, however, doesn’t curse (yet), he’s completely fine with hearing it and is fascinated to learn all the new “bad words” he shouldn’t say.

So when it comes to the Internet, we’ve been fairly lax parents. We’ve told both boys multiple times never to give out any personal information and never to go to any suspicious looking sites. But when you’re that young, you really have no clue what a suspicious site can look like.

That’s why it’s great to have some serious online support from F-Secure SAFE. This great application offers some pretty robust security tools in a real easy-to-use interface. It’s total Internet Security for you and your family in terms of your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets!

Yep, with just one license, you can protect up to five different devices, all from one unified service. It’s real easy to add another device to your account, whether it’s your own iPhone or your kid or wife’s computer.


After adding another device, you can name it (and rename it) anything you’d like for easy management.

I’ve been using F-Secure SAFE for awhile now to give it a real good test drive and I have to say there’s a lot going for it! Some of the things I like best include:

  • Multiple Device Protection – I can easily see which devices are connected and protected with my account
  • Lost and Found – With its Finder Functionality, you can find and manage any Android or iOS devices that you’ve linked to your account
  • No Slow Going – The worst part of most virus protection programs? Yeah, they really drag down the speed of your computer. Not with F-Secure SAFE, though, which offers fast and efficient security.


Of course, I have to love the overall virus protection and safe and secure Internet browsing. I’m no longer petrified that me or more likely, one of the kids, will accidentally download something they shouldn’t. Getting a virus or some form of malware is the most painful, time-sucking thing in the digital world.

But no, the absolute best feature that F-Secure SAFE offers is total Family Protection. Allie and I can set all sorts of boundaries for our kids so we know that they’re safe when they go online.


With a series of checkboxes, you can turn on the Content Blocker and narrow down exactly which types of content you want to block from your kids’ browsing. Everything from Adult to Dating to Weapons is covered. It’s a snap to check the boxes you want, and there’s even an easy way to add specific URLs as exceptions.

So not only am I feeling much more secure in the fact that my kids won’t be opening websites that’ll infect their computers with viruses and malware, but I can rest a bit easier knowing that they also can’t visit any type of inappropriate sites that I don’t want them learning about just yet.

Not sure if F-Secure SAFE is the right tool for you and your family? Then go ahead and give it a shot. You can get a Free 4-month trial, and you don’t even need to give them a credit card number! So really, you have absolutely nothing to lose!


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This post is sponsored by F-Secure SAFE as part of a AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own

2 thoughts on “Online Parenting Just Got Easier with #FSecureSAFE”

  1. I would love to have this installed on all of my devices so I can monitor on-line behavior. I will have to check this out.

  2. It really is wise to have something like this on all devices kids are exposed to. Many dont take the time to do it, and wonder why or how things get to be a mess. Granted kids are curious, but, parents have to be proactive when they are basically inviting the world into the palm of a kids hand. You dont want all of those people for sure there.
    Looks like a good product.


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