Forget Your Passwords, Just Rely on PasswordBox for Your Computer and Mobile Devices


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Ever had one of those nightmares where you’re back in high school or junior high? I get them all the time. No, I’m never walking around in just my underwear, thankfully. And I’m never taking an impossible test without knowing a single answer. Uh uh. My high school nightmares revolve around lockers.

For some reason, in my dreams, I’m always at my locker, running late for class or to catch a bus. Except my locker’s closed and I can’t remember the combination! I’ll twist and turn and try a dozen different combinations, but nothing works. My friends laugh and run off as I stand there, heart pounding, frantically trying to get that darn locker open so I can get the books I need. Not sure what Freud would make of that but I’m sure it involves hormones somehow.

I’m no longer in school and other than the gym, I don’t need to worry about a locker combination anymore. But I do deal with the same frustration every single day from my computer. I know I’m definitely not alone in this department either. Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to a website and completely forgot your password? Yeah, I thought so. Whoever invented the “Forgot password?” link is my hero.

I visit a lot of sites that require usernames and passwords. Sure there are the tons of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as some of my favorite online stores like Amazon or Think Geek. But as a blogger and a freelance writer, there are tons of company sites I visit too. So there are literally dozens upon dozens of different passwords I use on a daily basis.

Yeah, if you use the same password for every site you visit, you may want to rethink that one. Especially these days, where hackers are having a field day stealing identities across the Internet.

Luckily, there’s an easy answer for folks like me. There’s an easy-to-use-yet-powerful application called PasswordBox. Think of it like one huge safe that stores all of your critical usernames and passwords for you. All you need is one key to open that box.

PasswordBox will store your passwords in your account. It works even if you have multiple accounts at the same website! Not only is this great for those times you forget your passwords, but it’s just so much easier and faster to click one button than it is to type in all those crazy letters.

What’s really neat is that you can use PasswordBox on your computer, as well as your mobile devices, including your iPhone, iPad and even Android devices! And yes, they all sync together so your passwords will be saved and remembered across them all.

That alone is enough to make PasswordBox a lifesaver of an app. But there’s actually more! You can share selected passwords with friends or family. You can have Password Box create super strong passwords for you. And a really unique feature is that you can set up a Legacy Locker. In case something happens to you, you can pass on all of your secure online accounts to someone special. Make life easier for your spouse or kids in case something happens to you. No need for them to worry about hunting down access to bank accounts or other important legal or financial ones.

I found PasswordBox really easy to install and I love the fact that it’s very visual. After quickly signing up, I decided to add my Fandango account. I just clicked on the little green Password Box icon in my browser header and got a small popup asking for key information including title of the site, URL, username and password. You can add any notes if you’d like too. Then hit save and you’re done.


There are a number of popular sites and apps already in the application, so you can just click on them and go right to the site, where you can enter your credentials. I added Facebook and then clicked on the Twitter icon to add one of my multiple Twitter accounts. I just love the visual look of this layer. It gives you everything you’d ever need, but is organized so smoothly, it’s never too overwhelming. And the list of suggested websites is real extensive too.


As for the mobile version, the new 1-Tap Technology is amazing. You can’t get any faster with a password manager, unless it somehow has WiFi access to your brain! Typing usernames and passwords isn’t too bad on a computer, unless you keep forgetting them like I do. But try doing them on an iPhone or iPad and it can get a bit frustrating especially with typos, autocorrect and…well, fat fingers!

While I love the fact that I can carry the Internet around with me on my iPhone, it can be really frustrating at times, like when I’m trying to log into a website. Half the time, I’m logged out on my phone and either don’t remember the password or have such trouble typing it in. With PasswordBox’s patent-pending, 1-Tap Technology, my frustrations are finally over!

All of my favorite apps can now interact with each other across mobile platforms so I’ll just need a quick 1-Tap to log in. By bridging the gap between my desktop computer, iPhone and iPad, I can now easily login to my favorite sites or apps no matter where I am!

The iPhone Main Page of PasswordBox gives you quick access to its many robust features.

Just like the desktop version, you can easily jump to your favorite sites. Instead of doing it with just one click, however, you can do it with one tap!

Take a look at the visually awesome Android OS version. One tap and you can hop right onto your favorite websites.

Android_Passwords (1)

Same goes for iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone:

iPhone Passwords

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! And while you’d expect to pay a decent price for a super valuable and intricate password-managing app like this, you’d be wrong. That’s because PasswordBox is free. Yep, free.

You can download a free version of PasswordBox and store up to 25 different passwords. If you’d like more than that, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Plan for just $11.99 per year. Or better yet, just refer 5 friends and you’ll get an unlimited free lifetime membership! (So yeah, if you’re feeling generous, go sign up for PasswordBox and help me earn a free lifetime membership!)

PasswordBox Features:

  • Save time with 1-Tap login to websites
  • Automatically saves your logins while you browse
  • Passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the strongest grade of encryption available
  • Secure SSL protects your data during sync between devices
  • Create new strong passwords and save them while you browse
  • Locked with a Master Password that only YOU know
  • Optional Pin Code Lock for additional security
  • Secure password sharing and management, for sharing passwords with co-workers or family
  • Instant Login to your accounts using our secure in-app browser
  • Encrypted Safe Notes for sensitive personal information
  • Customizable StartPage for accessing your most-visited sites with 1-Tap
  • 20,000 recognized sites makes it easy to add new accounts to your StartPage
  • Auto-Lock function to safeguard against theft

For peace of mind and as a huge time saver, PasswordBox is a fantastic app. For someone like me who’s constantly logging in and out of tons of sites on a daily basis, this little box is worth safekeeping.

Download PasswordBox: Google Play | iTunes

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  1. Dude! It’s FREE???? OMG….I have 20 zillion passwords for everything you can think of, and they’re all stored on little slips of paper that I keep losing. Encrypted & SSL? I’m hustling over there! Thanks for the 411, O Grand High Exalted Lord of Geekdom!!

    • Well if you’re writing a comment on this post, I’m guessing you have a computer. 🙂 You can download this on your computer too, not just mobile devices. It’s just neat that it can sync up with your computer, laptop, iPad, etc.


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