One Simple Change Has Made My Life Much More Active


Exercise has certainly taken center stage in my life the past few months. I’m eating better and working out more than I have in the past four or five years.

I love weight lifting, so that takes care of two days a week at the gym. Allie’s been a master chef when it comes to managing my food intake thanks to the lunches and dinners she makes for us.

The one thing that’s missing though? Cardio.

I’ve always hated running. Some people love it, some people hate it. The only time I see running as a necessity is if I’m being chased by a horde of blood-thirsty zombies. Hopefully that’ll never happen.

I know I need to do more cardio and at the very least, we’re doing more walking and biking with the kids on the weekends. I need a lot more than that. I mean, I spend most of the workday at a desk, typing away at a computer. We have a small office, so I don’t even need to get up and walk to a different area of the room.

That’s why I’m so pumped to be testing out the Polar Loop 2. This sleek activity tracker is like having a personal trainer attached to my wrist.


First off, the coolest part of this thing is that it’s a tiny, black futuristic looking bracelet. I kind of feel like Batman when I’m wearing it!

A simple touch of a button accesses the simple menu that lets you view the time, your daily activity level, as well as the number of calories and steps you’ve taken that day.

It hooks up with the Polar Loop 2 app, so you can access details about your daily activity right from your phone. You sync it up to your computer with a USB cable and the Polar FlowSync application that pretty much runs itself.

Just like my kids, I find that any sort of game or competition helps motivate me and keep me interested. With the Polar Loop 2, I enter all my body stats and it gives me a daily activity goal, including number of steps. Just watching that number of steps go up hourly is enough to get me out of my chair and walking around the office quite a bit more than before!

I’ve used it on some nice hikes with the family recently. It came in especially handy to distract me from the constant “Are we done yet?” cries of my kids.


It even comes in handy when I’m doing simple chores like sweeping all those annoying acorns off our driveway.

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The Polar Loop 2 has a few really cool features that make it so worthwhile for me:

  • Activity Tracking – Monitors my steps, calories, activity and even sleep
  • Waterproof – Yep, you can even wear it in the pool while you swim
  • Mobile Connectivity – With Bluetooth technology, it easily syncs up with the Polar Flow app on my smartphone
  • Vibration Alert – Get notified with long periods of inactivity and smart notifications
  • Smart Notifications – Receive alerts for incoming calls, messages or even calendar reminders

I really have no excuse anymore for getting my body moving  and keeping that heart rate up. I’m just hope that the Polar Loop 2 has one more key competent to it. I’m hoping it’s contagious. If so, we may soon have the healthiest tech-based office in all of New Jersey!


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