The Simple Secret to Getting Paid for Using Your Computer



A penny saved is a penny earned. Yeah, we’ve all heard that before. And you know what? Sure, while it’s true, I can’t think of a single thing you can buy for a penny. Not one.

However, if you say this mantra every day, you’re talking about 30 cents a month. No biggie. Say it every hour (even in your sleep) and now you’re talking about $7.20 a month. Still not great, but we’re getting there.

My point is, don’t look at a penny as a single solitary throwaway unit. Instead, think of it as the start of two pennies. And two, the start of four, and so on. When you’re scrimping and saving or even just looking for another source of income, every penny does indeed count and over time most definitely can add up.

Now, what if you could make these pennies (or more) by doing something you do just about everyday anyway: surf online. What if I told you there’s a neat little app extension you can add to your browser that has the potential to make you money while you hop around Google, Yahoo and some of your other favorite stores?

I’ve talked about Qmee before, but it’s been a few years so I thought it time to re-share with you all.

Qmee is a free little app that sits on your browser bar and waits to work its magic.

When you go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo, Qmee is ready to jump into action. Do a simple search for an item, and if it’s in Qmee’s arsenal, you’ll get a secondary sidebar popping up to the left of your standard search results. You can go about your business and just click through Google or Yahoo like normal. Or you can click one of Qmee’s suggested sites and potentially make a few cents in the process.

peppa pig Yahoo Search Results Qmee

If Qmee doesn’t have any matching results, the sidebar simply won’t load. But if they do (advertisers pay Qmee to be part of their results, just like some do with Google or Yahoo ads), you will get paid a small amount to click through one of their advertisers.

In the above example, I did a Yahoo search for everybody’s favorite, Peppa Pig! Normally Yahoo results popped up, but so did the Qmee sidebar. And just by clicking through the Kohl’s link on top, I earned 9 cents into my account.

Like I said originally, it’s not a lot at once. That’s just 9 cents. But after a few searches a day, doing this regularly, it can certainly add up.

StarWarsGoogle Qmee

What’s nice is that it’s all so seamless. The sidebar only pops up when there’s something to offer. Besides the regular listing of suggested sites, you might also see a number of money saving suggestions like discount codes and automatic price comparisons.


Where can I use Qmee?

There are currently a number of websites that will kick open the sidebar for you to potentially earn money for searches. Have a go on any of these:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Tesco

Can I only make money by searching with Qmee?

Nope! Besides the easy sidebar in your browser, there are a few other ways to earn yourself some extra cash. Recently Qmee launched a survey feature. While I haven’t had the opportunity to participate yet, members will be offered a chance to earn extra rewards by simply sharing opinions via different surveys. They’re slowly rolling this one out, so when it hits your account, you’ll see a new Survey Tab and be able to participate!

Another great way to earn more rewards is by referring people. You can earn a $1 for every new Qmee user you refer. If you’re a regular user and enjoy the product, it should be easy to share your thoughts and experience and get others to sign up too. In fact, you’ll see a number of links in this post itself that have my Qmee referral link. If you sign up and use it, I can be earning some extra money in my piggybank. (My coffee fund thanks you!)

Dashboard Qmee

The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your earnings to date. You can view your history too to see how much you’ve earned overall and it even breaks it down for you between Referrals and Rewards.

As for getting your money out, that’s a snap too. You can connect your Qmee account to your PayPal account and instantly transfer your funds, or choose to cash out via a number of Gift Cards, including Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks. If you’re feeling generous, there’s even an option to donate your savings to a variety of charities.

If you spend a lot of your online time searching for things on the Web, why not at least get paid for it? You won’t be doing anything differently and over time, can easily earn some extra spending money.


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